Here's to business never finished!
~ All the New Mutants speaking at once

New Mutants a team of teenage superheroes trained to the new generation of mutants when Professor X belived that X-Men were dead.


After the battle with the Brood an alien race Charles and Moira decided to find more young mutants to form a new team and them help control their powers. While forming the young team Charles found out that the Hellfire Club was after them to the young mutants sided with Professor X and defeated the them.

After formation of the team the New Mutants gained a few more members Magma, Magik, Cypher and Warlock. The Hellfire Club then looked for more young mutants to form a new team the Hellions who became rivals of the New Mutants.


Founding Members

Other Members

Members who are are founding members and pets that belong to the team members.

Bases of Operation

1128 Mission Street/New Mutants HQ

Dani and the team belived that mutants shouldn't hide way in a school so the New Mutants eventually left the X Mansion and moved to 1128 Mission Street the New Mutants HQ. Although they haven't fully established it as their team headquarters. They are shown a future of the hole original New Mutants team back together with 1128 Mission Street as their official HQ which pleases all of them.

Da Costa International

Is a business that was owned by Sunspot's father Emmanuel until his death. His son Roberto took over and changed the company it is a million dollar company and office. But now is also used to help his team and friends the New Mutants.

Guthrie Farm

The Guthrie farm is the home of the hole Guthrie Family. Cannonball and friends occasionally visit the farm house for fun, relaxing, peaceful times. The family has no problems with their mutant children Cannonball and Husk so non of them mind about the New Mutants coming over.

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