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I don't think it's a big deal whether you have a power or not. If you want it, you can get it. There's no need to get depressed because you don't have it. It won't affect whether you're a worthy human or not. It doesn't matter, as long as you're confident about yourself. Why are people so envious of others? Why do people look down on each other? Why does it happen like that!? It pisses me off...

Nice is the Main Protagonist of the multimedia series HamaTora.

He was voiced by Ryōta Ōsaka in the Japanese version, and by Adam Gibbs in the English dubbed version.


A 17 year old teenage with disheveled auburn hair and a thin build, Nice has blue eyes and relatively pale skin. His common attire comprises a pair of headphones around his neck, a blue shirt with a jacket vest, black pants with a white belt, a watch, and blue and red shoes. He wears white bandages across his nose and cheeks and on his arms, but they do not explain why. As a child, he had just one plaster on his nose.


Nice can be fairly absent-minded, like when he attempted to withdraw money in a bank while it was being robbed by armed thieves without realizing they were there and shows himself to be empathetic and caring like when he quickly took a job that involved someone's life but offered less pay than usual. And as observe by others Nice has a positive air about him, while being carefree. However, even with his happy-go-lucky attitude, Nice can sometimes act rather opportunistic and seems to lack any sort of heroic ideals. It shows this when he fights Moral, stating that he was fighting him simply because it annoyed him not to save anybody. Those also know him personal are aware of him being blunt, which others perceive as being condescending. This leads others to distance themselves from him.

Powers & Abilities

Cannonball: Nice's Minimum Ability allows him to transform his body into soundwaves, allowing him to move at supersonic speeds. Detective Skills: Nice is a private Investigator.




  • The song that plays in the anime when Nice activates his Minimum is Nowhere Living Now by Torao (voiced by Kishou Taniyama from GRANRODEO).
  • Nice wears the same jacket as Art's younger brother, Skill.
  • He likes chicken nuggets and dislikes chicken nuggets with critical ingredients.