Where are they?
~ Nicholas Cherrywood's famous quote.

Nicholas Cherrywood is the secondary former antagonist of the 1985 film, The Care Bears Movie. He is voiced by Hadley Kay as a child and the late Mickey Rooney as an adult.


He was the assistant for The Great, until one day when he was manipulated and deceived by the evil spirit causing him to slowly become evil himself. However, by the end of the movie, Kim and Jason got him to care again, and he reverted back to his old self. He later became Fettucini's partner instead of just an assistant. Also by the end of the film, it was revealed that he told the story of his adventures and that he is married to Kim.


At the beginning of the movie, he wants nothing more than to make friends. However, The Spirit convinces him that what he really wants is for everyone else to be uncaring so they can be lonely just like him.

Unlike other Care Bear villains, he is actually hesitant to spread evil and uncaring, and has to be convinced by The Spirit to continue.

When The Care Bears finally confront him, he is completely under the influence of The Spirit, and has turned evil, that is, until Kim and Jason tell him they used to be like him, and offer to be his friends, the one thing he wanted most, at which point he reverts back to his old self and turns on The Spirit.


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