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Heroine Overview

Nichole Daniels is the new African-American South Park girl from the South Park Season 16 Episode, Cartman Finds Love. And she is Token Black's love interest.

She is voiced by Laylo Incognegro.


Nichole is the new girl at South Park Elementary, much to the happiness of the male students, especially Eric Cartman. Seeing this as an opportunity for Token Black to have a girlfriend, Cartman begins a plan to have the two brought together. 

Nichole, initially showing interest in Kyle Broflovski, eventually started to like Token, after being locked in the boy's locker room with him for several hours. With aid from Cartman, Nichole and Token formed a strong relationship, until she read the engraving Cartman had put on the tag of one of the stuffed bears from Token. Unbeknownst to Token, the engraving read, "'Cuz Blacks Belong Together", which caused Nichole to break up with him, believing they were not on the "same page".

Realizing that Nichole was now "available", Kyle begins a relationship with her, taking her to a basketball game featuring the Denver Nuggets against the L.A. Clippers. At the game, Cartman sings "I Swear" to Kyle, much to his embarrassment. This causes Kyle to reveal to Nichole that Cartman was the one that set up her and Token. After hearing this, Nichole runs into Token at the game, they reconcile their relationship, and decide to get back together.


Nichole wears black shoes, magenta pants, a white shirt, and a yellow jacket. She has black hair, with buns, and wears two yellow berets with pink flowers on them.

Nichole is on cheerleading squad; she wears the typical South Park Cows cheerleading attire, which consists of a black and white dress with the word "cows" embroidered in the front. While cheerleading, she also wears yellow and pink berets.


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