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Nick Andros is one of the heroes of the Stephen King apocalyptic thriller, The Stand.

In the 1994 miniseries based on the novel, he was played by Rob Lowe, who also voiced Simba in The Lion Guard. In the 2020 miniseries adaptation, he is portrayed by Henry Zaga.

A 22-year-old deaf-mute drifter, originally from Caslin, Nebraska, Andros is beaten and robbed outside of (fictional) Shoyo, Arkansas by some local thugs, shortly after the beginning of the novel. Badly injured, Andros is befriended by the local sheriff and his wife, but watches them die as the superflu hits. As it turns out, Andros becomes the newest deputy, due to the absence of any other healthy people, and watches two of the four thugs who beat him up outside of Shoyo die of the plague in the local jail. Andros later frees the third prisoner, but is then confronted by the fourth, Ray Booth, who has returned to both blind and kill him (included only in the narrative of the revised–expanded version of the novel). Andros nearly dies as a result of a minor gunshot wound sustained during the fight with Booth. Due to the panic caused by the prospect of becoming both blind and deaf, Andros accidentally fires the gun holstered on his belt and the bullet scrapes his leg, causing the limb to become infected.

Andros eventually recovers and begins his journey to Hemingford Home, Nebraska. Along the way he meets fellow survivors Tom Cullen, Ralph Brentner, June Brinkmeyer, Gina McCone, Dick Ellis, and Olivia Walker—and they become a second family to him. Andros leads the band of survivors to both Nebraska and Mother Abagail, who guides them onto Boulder, where they make and set up their base of operations. Andros serves on the Free Zone Committee, for which he is the leading thinker, and eventually recruits Cullen as a member of the three spies, who travel to the West coast, Las Vegas, Randall Flagg's base of operations.

Andros is killed in Harold Lauder'sbombing of the Free Zone. Mother Abagail later tells Stuart Redman that Andros was meant to be the one who confronted and defeated Flagg, but that he will have to take Andros' place. Andros later reappears as a spirit to Cullen, fully able to speak, guiding Cullen as he tries to return home. After Flagg is defeated, Andros' spirit shows Cullen how to save Stuart, who is dying of hypothermia.

In the revised–expanded edition, Andros temporarily loses sight in one of his eyes following the attack from Booth, the leader of the four thugs. Booth is subsequently shot and killed by Andros, but the resulting damage means that Andros must wear an eye patch for most of the remaining story.