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Nick Loopin' Lopez is a minor posthumous protagonist from Planes Fire and Rescue who starred in the in-universe show "CHoPs". This page primairly will cover his actions from that show.


Nick was a helicoptor with primarily white paint with blue and orange around the top. He had a green tinted windshield as well.

Powers and Skills

Nick was a helicopter who was able to hover around and fly in the air.

Biography (CHoPS)

In the one shown episode, Nick and Blade were able to capture a car that was driving people off the road. When the car protests his arrest, Nick counters that what he was doing was not a game.

Soon, Nick and Blade were alerted to a structural fire where they arrive to help a red female car escape. Afterwards, the chief of police praises the duo for a job well done. Soon the red car turned out to have a sister.

Biography (Real life)

Following Blade needing to rest after losing consciousness from having to get Dusty shield from the mine, Maru reveals that the reason Blade quit was that his partner Nick was killed in the middle of a stunt by a crosswind.


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