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Nico Niiyama (Japanese: 新山仁子, Romanized: Nīyama Niko) is a main character and one of the group of seven kiznaivers in the titular anime, manga, and novel series Kiznaiver.

She resembles the sin of Greed. In modern Japan, her sin is 'The Eccentric Headcase' (Japanese: 不思議メンヘラ, Romanized: Fushigi Menhera, Official English Translation: "Screw Loose"). Her identification when she experiences pain is D-6.

She is voiced in Japanese by Misaki Kuno and in English by Katrina Salisbury.


Nico appears to be short. She has bright orange hair with teal streaks which are tied into two pigtails on both sides of her head. She has jagged-cut bangs, with the fringe on her left shorter than on her her right. On her right pigtail, her hair is tied with a fluffy pompom with eyes and a bright pink ribbon. On her left, her hair is tied with a similar pompom with hearts sticking out of it. She has round purple eyes and little eyebrows.

Nico usually wears the basic school uniform, dolled up with a yellow petticoat, bunny lanyard, yellow belt, bunny backpack, and bright mismatching socks. Her appearance is bright and colorful, similar in fashion to fairy-kei and decora. She appears to be 150 cm tall.


Nico appears to be bright and energetic, often being the comic relief of the series. She tends to overreact or be very dramatic when experiencing new things, and acts very immature and girly.

However, Nico is shown to be rather perceptive in the series, much to her companions' surprise.

Since she came from a wealthy family, it is implied that she has polite and lady-like manners.


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