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You are in so much TROUBLE!
~ Nicole's temper
You see boys, sometimes in life you really have to face the consequences of your actions, and sometimes you just RUN!
~ Nicole Watterson
Well, at least I'm not as bad as the rest of the guys in this office!
~ Nicole’s last words.
Go to your room! You're not coming out of there until one of you owns up!
~ Nicole grounds her sons in "The Nobody".

Doctor Nicole Watterson (née Senicourt) (born October 12th) is an anti-heroine and the tetragonist of the 2008 British-Irish Cartoon Network series The Amazing World of Gumball. She is also a recurring character in The Gumball Chronicles.

Nicole plays the role of the matriarch in the Watterson family and works at the rainbow factory. She is the most and maybe the only responsible one in the family.

Like Gumball, she is a cat. For this reason, and the fact that Gumball is her son, they look similar. She can also be pretty villainous at times, but not an actual villain. She could be a minor character in the upcoming film.

She was voiced by British actress, voice actress, and singer, Teresa Gallagher.


Nicole grew up in a strict family that wants her to become the most successful person alive, although, their obsession for absolute perfectionism within Nicole causes her to always go through a lot of extreme measures in order to gain achievements that satisfy them, their decisions, desires, and even their actions affects her deeply, as all her life is nothing but being forced to study hard and get good grades at all cost.

One day, when her parents is driving her to the Karate championship tournament, they were in the middle of complaining about her exam since there was an "F" which it stands for her gender as a female. Due to the traffic jam, and Nicole's father ill-temper, it causes him to destroy the car with one slam, causing Nicole to run to the tournament for only 5-minutes, this is when she met Richard, where they both fall in-love with each other, Nicole later on left her family as they disapprove to let her date Richard, as for Richard, he was kicked out of the house by his own mother for unknown reasons.

Nicole and Richard both live together afterwards and not so long later, Nicole gave birth to Gumball, adopted Darwin, and gave birth to Anais.


Nicole greatly resembles her oldest son, Gumball, who is, like her, a cat, but is taller and slender than her son. She has light blue fur and is somewhere between Richard and Gumball in height. Her head is shaped similarly to Gumball's, except Nicole's whiskers are shorter than her son's, and she has visible eyelashes. The inside of her mouth is light pink and her tongue is pink, and her nose is pink.

Her usual outfit consists of a white collared shirt with a button that symbolizes the Rainbow Factory, where she works. She wears a short, light gray skirt to go along with it. Like the rest of her family (excluding Anais and Darwin), she spends most of her time slippers.

In Season 3, Nicole's eyes are permanently round along with the rest of her family.


Nicole cares deeply for her family, so much that she would do anything to express her love for them. She is also very protective of her family, as seen in "The Ape." Since she is the only truly responsible member of the family, Nicole does most of, if not all the household chores, and besides, she works long hours at the Rainbow Factory just to put food on the table.

Unfortunately, Nicole also suffers from a tremendous amount of emotional stress because of her many duties. She is also quite a demanding mother and sometimes has an extremely nasty temper that can turn her into a very scary person when upset sometimes, but she was also polite and yet rude. In fact, on one occasion, Gumball decides it'd be easier to face a giant T-rex than an angry Nicole. Despite all that, Nicole is still a good person, kindhearted, sweet, and has a softer and calm side at times, and she still loves her family very much, especially her son, Gumball.

Nicole can be quite stern when provoked, and occasionally vindictive, as was shown in the episode "The Ape" after Miss Simian called her and her family "losers." On top of this, she has also proven to be very resourceful and inventive, a trait she most likely passed on to her daughter Anais, who has demonstrated similar talents, in this case, strategically setting a mine-like trap in a paintballing arena/forest merely using environmental supplies and whatever she took with her. Winning seems to be a necessity for her at times, possibly indicating that she is slightly obsessive. Though, despite her somewhat ruthless faults, she can accept defeat, acknowledge her mistakes, and even find humor in them.

Nicole also doesn't like losing, as shown in "The Game."


Nicole is very athletic, and is fully capable of chasing her children across the neighborhood when they are in trouble, as shown in "The DVD." On one occasion, Gumball compared her to a ninja. In "The Remote," she displayed great skills in martial arts, that allowed her to defeat Richard and her sons, and jumping between roofs. Also, in "The Fight," Nicole defeated Mr. Rex and destroyed his house, and in "The Pizza," she defeated some apocalyptic Elmore citizens when they turned against her and her family.

When angry, she is significantly strong, enough to destroy a door, and can fight and defeat anyone, and completely scare people with her rage. In "The Egg," she can completely transform herself into a red demon-like being and eat any person. Along with this, Nicole can make people fear and do what she wants without a question. Like in "The Castle" and "The Limit," just with one penance stare reduces her victims into a horrifying state. In "The Vacation," she can completely burn Richard's marshmallow by just looking at it. In "The Finale" and in "The Money," she can also transform into a hulking version of herself.

Temper Acts

Nicole is well-known for her short temper. Examples include:

  • "The DVD": Nicole chasing her children whilst riding an angry dog.
  • "The Responsible": She appears in a background of fire while yelling at her children.
  • "The Quest": Gumball says it would be scarier to be told off by Nicole than fight Tina, to which Darwin agrees.
  • "The Club": It is revealed that Nicole attends their school's anger management club.
  • "The Helmet": Nicole trashes an office when she finds out that Richard had deceived her.
  • "The Fight": Nicole beats up Mr. Rex.
  • "The Knights": Nicole yells at Patrick for nearly running over Gumball and Penny.
  • "The Authority": Nicole once again appears in a background of fire, and attacks Granny Jojo.
  • "The Limit": Nicole becomes a monster and rampages through the store.
  • "The Castle": Nicole gives Harold a penance stare that forces him to clean up the house, along with other citizens.
  • "The Finale": Nicole pries a door open by gaining massive muscles and turning into a hulking monster.
  • "The Mothers": She yells at Gumball and Darwin and punishes them by grounding them and sending them to the car for secretly put her through a contest to decide who was the Superest Mom in the world and prove her to be the Best Mom ever.
  • "The Password": Nicole breathes fire when she hears Richard say she can sometimes be a dragon.
  • "The Procrastinators": She threatens to "termominate" her children.
  • "The Pizza": Nicole yells at Larry in a deep voice while her head grows bigger. She also attacks a group of apocalyptic Elmore citizens and successfully defeats them.
  • "The Question": She scares Gumball and Darwin while commenting on the meaning of life.
  • "The Oracle: She had flaming eyes. This also happens twice again in "The Fury."
  • "The Nobody": She furiously punishes her sons by grounding them and sending them to their room until one of them owns up and forbids them from TV, the Internet, and going to the museum after Gumball and Darwin were framed by Rob for stealing those possessions.
  • "The Egg": After being insulted by Felicity, Nicole turns into a demon and attempts to eat her, but is stopped when Anais and Billy go missing.
  • "The Money": Nicole turns into a hulking monster (parodying the Hulk) to reprimand Richard, but was stopped by his charm. She does it again when one of the repossession men comes to take their car.
  • "The Return": Richard says Nicole would destroy him if she realized his kids were missing.
  • "The Signature": Nicole partially breaks the glass at the Town Hall, and a Xenomorph emerges from her mouth, threatening the Cupcake Man, along with her attacking Granny Jojo earlier in the episode.
  • ”The Parking”: After Marvin beats the Wattersons in the parking lot, she storms over to his car and vandalizes it, but stops after she realizes it was a handicap spot.
  • "The Comic": Nicole attacks the shadow person while he was trying to rob her car.
  • "The Fury": After Yuki keeps harassing her and threatens to take her job and house away, Nicole storms out of the house to confront her, followed by a fight that destroyed a gymnasium.
  • "The Disaster": Nicole yells at Gumball and blames him for the car crash when it was in fact caused by Rob altering space and time.
  • "The Choices": After Darwin accidentally sprays her with whipped cream, she is about to attack her family, but calms down and has a food fight instead.
  • "The Copycats": She attacks her doppelgänger for copying her life.
  • "The Fuss": She stares angrily at Richard and drops the cake on the floor he made for her, thinking he was the one forgetting their anniversary.
  • "The Heist": She threatens to kill Richard after seeing him accidentally rob a bank.
  • "The Worst": She pulverizes her own car, destroying it. During her flashback at work, she gets infuriated when her boss, Mr. Yoshida promotes her plant and chooses James O'Brien as Employee of the Month of the Rainbow Factory.
  • "The Nuisance": She destroys Harold's car.
  • "The Brain": She gets mad at several people.
  • "The Parents": She and her parents trash the living room.
  • "The Founder": She becomes very mad trying to pay a bill.
  • "The Ad": She gets mad at Richard after he buys Wunderklopp.
  • "The Possession": She argues with Granny Jojo.
  • "The Master": She fights with her family after they make her crash her car.
  • "The Factory": She constantly gets pestered by Gumball and Darwin.
  • "The Web": She gets frustrated with her computer.
  • "The Heart": In a flashback, Mr. Robinson hits her car, but frames Gumball and Darwin, so she scolds them.


  • She is similar to Benson Dunwoody from Regular Show who is strict and short-tempered, and also yells at Mordecai and Rigby despite cares for them both.
  • She is also similiar to Tamako Nobi from Doraemon who is also strict and short-tempred, and always yelling/abusing two protagonists for some reasons despite cares for them both.

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