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Niffty is one of the main characters of Hazbin Hotel and she is the housekeeper of the Hotel. She is voiced by Michelle Marie.


Niffty was a young woman at the age of 22 and was born in the 1950's until her death at again 22 years of age. At some point she went to hell for her sins and became a demon. At some point she met Alastor and became his slave. Niffty would also meet Husk as he too was a servant of Alastor. She would make an appearance in the pilot first as a sieolette in the beginning and later again during Vaggie's explaination about alastor Niffty was seen alongside Husk next to Alastor as his servants. Niffty makes her full appearance when Alastor summons her from a fire place and introduces herself stating that it has been a while since she made new friends. But she was also disappointed that they were no men there mistaking angel dust as a women.She also shocked how the Hotel is so filth since most of the staff is women and decides to clean. Niffty was also persent during Alastor's song and later appears happly watching Alastor defeat Sir Pentious.


Niffty is described as a hyperactive neat freak who is less intellgent than her peers and is also a hopeless romantic obessed with men.

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