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Nightfall is a character in Final Space, who first appeared in Episode 2.


Her facial appearance is the exact look of Quinn's, with only a small piece of technology on the right side of her forehead and a gray part of her hair giving her a slightly different look. Nightfall also has several scars on the right side of her face. She also appears to have greyish blue eyes. She wears mostly a bounty hunter-esc uniform, only to be used in order for her to aboard the ship.


Unlike Quinn, Nightfall is somewhat relaxed and is not as quite stubborn. However, she is shown to be protective of Gary, similar to Quinn, as she's been attempting to prevent the outcome of him dying for 20 years.

She is seen to be quite brash when it comes to doing necessary things on missions and adventures, and is known to use brute force if needed.

However, during the course of season two, she is seen sticking with the crew to ensure that the timeline will go as planned. During this time she grows close to the crew of the Crimson Light, especially with Ash Graven who she seemed to have developed a sort of parental bond with. This ultimately comes to a head in "The Sixth Key", where she sacrifices her life to free Bolo and so no other members of the crew would have to. Ash is seen holding onto her helmet at the end of the episode.


  • It was revealed during Chapter 7 that Nightfall is indeed Quinn from the future, 20 years older than Present Quinn.
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