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Richard "Dick" Grayson, also know as Nightwing, was the first Robin. The former protégé of Batman, Nightwing was a founding member of the Team. He assumed the leadership role of the covert operations team while Aqualad was in deep cover, infiltrating the Light to learn more about their activities. When Aqualad completed that mission, Nightwing turned the leadership role back over to him. As team leader, Nightwing acted as a mentor to the current Robin, Tim Drake.

He is voiced by Jesse McCartney, who also voices Roxas and Ventus.


He is an excellent hand-to-hand combatant, tactician, and a technological genius. He has a flippant personality, and can be heard laughing in combat or when sneaking up on villains in order to unnerve and startle them. He repeatedly plays with the English language, particularly with words which cease to function without prefixes, such as "disaster" ("aster"), "overwhelmed" ("whelmed"), and "distraught" ("traught").

Early Life

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Batman had forbidden Robin from revealing his secret identity to the team[7], though Kid Flash was aware of it. Robin acts as team leader when Aqualad is unable to. Aqualad sees Robin as reluctant to lead the team, feeling that he doesn't know enough. "Eventually he shows that he is a natural born leader. And that's just part of what you'll see from Dick Grayson".[citation needed] In Season 2 (set five years later in the future), Dick has assumed the identity of Nightwing while Tim Drake has assumed the mantle of Robin. Nightwing remains on the team as their leader and trainer, assigning and participating in missions. Dick encourages Tim to have confidence in his leadership skills, but the latter is apprehensive about doing so. After "Endgame", Dick decides to take a leave of absence after Wally's sacrifice and leaves Barbara in charge if they need any help.