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~ Nikki to David in s2 ep1 of Camp Camp

Nikki is an adventure camper at Camp Campbell. From what has been seen, she is one of the only members of the camp that is there by choice. Though it has been mentioned by Nikki that her mother could've lied to her about the kind of camp she was going to.


Nikki is a child of a relatively short stature, equivalent to Max's height. She wears a yellow shirt and red overalls rolled up to her knees. Her hair is turquoise with matching laced shoes. She has two white band-aids on her left cheek and scratches on her right cheek, hinting she often gets hurts over her love of adventure.


Nikki is highly energetic and eccentric, seeming to enjoy the high action, randomness, and eccentricity of Camp Campbell. She joined the Adventure Camp, and has shown to very much enjoy adventures. She is one of the few characters whom seems to be completely on board with practically any of the activities presented to the group.

She seems to enjoy dangerous things, describing herself as "an agent of chaos". She seemed to be very attached to a Platypus that she found after learning it was poisonous, went along with Max's escape plan for the sole reason of wanting to drive a bus, and even insisted that she wanted a Viking funeral, saying to "Light me up!". When asked what she would do when she left the camp, she stated she wanted to live with the animals, maybe get raised by wolves.

She was previously a Flowerscout, but their strict and overly feminine behavior clashed and she was kicked out by them which Neil learned the truth about her.


  • According to Nikki, it seems her mother has a penchant for lying.
  • She is a fan of wild animals, even managing to tame an eagle. Her plans after leaving Camp Camp included maybe becoming the alpha of a wolf pack. In Camporee, she was even capable of cross-species communications.
  • Her parents aren't together/have split up multiple times.
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