Nichole "Nikki" is a recurring hero from The Casagrandes. She is Ronnie Anne's Caucasian friend, who is usually seen hanging out with Casey, Sameer, and to a lesser extent, Laird. She is an unusually tall girl in a hoodie, who rides the skateboard.

She is voiced by Natalie Coughlin.


Nikki made her first appearance in "City Slickers", where Ronnie Anne first introduced Lincoln to her, Casey, and Sameer. Ronnie Anne tried to keep it a secret from her that she was from the country but when Nikki found out, she really didn't care. When Sameer said that he was from the city, Nikki joked that she was shocked by this news but again, she didn't really care.

In "Operation Dad", Nikki dressed up like a punk by dying her hair hot pink, wearing heavy purplish black makeup, and dressing up in a black hoodie. She also chewed her gum very aggressively and pretended to beat up Sameer along with Ronnie Anne, acting like punks so that Arturo would be convinced to stay in Great Lakes City to help train Ronnie Anne to be a better person. However, this didn't work at all.

In "Trend Game", Nikki announced to Ronnie Anne that there was a trending new restaurant that opened, where monkeys work as the servers but it got closed down because a monkey bit off a customer's hand. Nikki had fun with Ronnie Anne and the others, (which now included Sid and Laird), in doing a bunch of trends. However, she wound up getting attacked by rats in the sewer. Nikki told Ronnie Anne that she didn't care if she was on top of things or not. She was just glad to be her friend.

In "Team Effort", Nikki and the other members of the skateboarding team wanted to make skateboarding a club but Coach Crawford refused. So, Nikki and the team tormented him until he let them have their club.

In "Blunder Party, Nikki had a roof party with Ronnie Anne and her friends. When Carl and Aledaide got lost, Nikki helped the others look for them.

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