Niko is one of the two main protagonists (alongside with The Player) of critically-acclaimed indie game OneShot. Their goal is to return the sun to the tower and saving the world from dying out. They were voiced by HollyberryVA in Cellochicita's OneShot Cinematic Dub.


They have blue hair, yellow catlike eyes, a blue scarf wrapped around a brown overcoat extending over their arms, a brown hat with catlike ears, and what appears to be tanned skin which sometimes looks black when in darker areas.


Niko is kind and caring. Being the messiah that the prophecy has foretold, they become determined to reach the Spire and bring the sun to it back in order to save the world, even despite what others say that the sun won't stop the World from dying. Niko is also helpful. A few instances of their helpfulness are seen in the game such as where they repair the rowbot at the deck pair in the Barrens and volunteer to find Alula and return her to Calamus. 

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