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We fought for what we wanted. We got more than we deserved. All the chapters of our lives, good and bad. Even if there was no witness. Even if no one cared to see. It still happened somewhere. We've fought the Great War over and over but victory could never be ours. We were always doomed to fail. Monty told us the truth. Our journey is the very reason this madness exists. We are the ones who fractured the universe. This is the truth the Kronorium showed me. The truth Richtofen could no longer face. When we are gone, so too is everything that spewed forth from the Aether. Element 115, the Apothicons, even Monty himself. All of it will be banished to where it belongs. The Dark Aether. But for all the pain and torment we have endured together, as we leave this life behind, it is my hope that you know one thing beyond any doubt. You were more than just my allies, my brothers in arms. You.. were my friends.
~ Nikolai Belinski.

Sergeant Nikolai Belinski is the Russian playable character in Nazi Zombies, and has become a major character through the zombie series, being redeemed in the Primis Timeline.

He was voiced by Fred Tatasciore, who also voiced Poseidon in God of War, Damon Baird and Tai Kaliso in Gears of War, Zeus in God of War: Ghost of Sparta, Mario Auditore in the Assassin's Creed series, Shifu in Kung Fu Panda: Legend of Awesomeness, and Zeratul in the StarCraft series.


Like all four characters, he is highly violent and overly fond of killing even by the standards of soldiers, and is the second most evil of the quartet next to Dr. Edward Richtofen. He rose quickly through the ranks of the Russian party through intimidation, blackmail and murder. He has been married several times, all for his own political advancement, and murdered at least three wives. He is also a raging alcoholic, always thinking of Vodka.

Nikolai's reputation was so widespread and so horrible that even Joseph Stalin himself was afraid of him, which was why Stalin deliberately drafted him into the front lines as soon as World War II started, hoping he would be killed. Like the Takeo Masaki and Dempsey, Nikolai had been captured by Dr. Richtofen prior to the events of the game(s) and experimented on with Element 115. After killing Dr. Maxis, Richtofen brainwashed them and gave them amnesia so that they would fight alongside him against the zombies as part of Richtofen's scheme to find Samantha Maxis and take control of the zombies.


Nikolai Belinski was born before the 1900s to unnamed parents, and also had a brother and a sister. During the two world wars, Nikolai became a carpenter, and later married an unknown woman and had a child. Nikolai later joined the Red Army, and eventually rose to the rank of sergeant. In 1941, Nikolai's wife was killed during the German advance into the Soviet Union, devastating him.

In an effort to numb the pain, Nikolai turned to vodka, and when he was drunk, he thought of imaginary wives that heh never had. On December 9th, 1942, Nikolai's brother was killed during the Battle of Stalingrad. In 1943, Nikolai was captured by the Nazis during the battle, and later became a test subject in Group 935 experiments.



  • Primis Nikolai appears to have a love for bacon, and has traded vodka for it.
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