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Long ago, I gave him the blade, but he imprisoned me here, in this cave, without hope. Now, my prison shall become your tomb!
~ Nimue explaining her reason for revenge.
You are different. You are kind. This gift must be repaid. Do good with it!
~ Nimue repairing Excalibur for Douxie.

Nimue is the overarching protagonist of the Tales of Arcadia franchise, appearing in Wizards. She is an ancient primordial goddess who is responsible for the creation of the legendary sword Excalibur.

She is voiced by Kathleen Turner in her true form, and by Stephanie Beatriz in her lady appearance.



At an unspecific time, Merlin went to Nimue's lake where the latter created Excalibur, but he imprisoned her inside inside the cave without any chance of getting out. The sword proved to be useful to Arthur as he used it to unite Camelot.


After Douxie Casperan, Jim Lake Jr., Claire Nuñez, and Steve Palchuk travelled back in time, Douxie and Claire, along with Archie's past self, go with Merlin's past self as the latter goes to Nimue's cave so that she can fix Excalibur. Merlin enters the cave all by himself, but Nimue swallows him whole where he is trapped inside her esophagus, hence why he didn't return from the cave. However, Claire creates a portal of shadow magic, allowing the team to access the cave.

Once they enter the cave and meet Nimue for the first time, she asks them what it is that they seek, and Douxie lies that their intention is for her to help them repair Excalibur and save Camelot, but Nimue sees through his lie and quickly sees through what their true desires. She then devours Steve like she previously did to Merlin and reveals to Douxie that she wants revenge on Merlin for trapping her inside her cave without hope. Feeling sorry for her, Douxie uses his magic to throw the remaining piece of Excalibur and destroy a part of the cave so she can get free. Due to Douxie's kindness, Nimue repairs Excalibur as a repayment, and leaves the cave into the moonlight outside.

During the Battle of Killahead Bridge, when Steve is mocked by Bular, Nimue protects the former by using one of her tentacles to throw Bular outside the battle, patting Steve on the head afterwards. After Douxie traps Bellroc and Skrael in a time loop, the two are trapped in an unspecific time in the past where they are attacked by Nimue before they are teleported to Gatto's Keep.


  • She is the first deity to appear in the Tales of Arcadia franchise.


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