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Nine is the Character of Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies.


Angel Falls Village is newly assigned as the guardian angel of, and is attached to the work that you do to help the village of people appear as gratitude to the angels to collect the "star of the aura".

Junior Cry as angel.

As a result of devoted aura of star in the world tree in the evening of the official assigned by the day, it falls from a large earthquake occurs Observatory along with the mystery of light.

In that case, see the ghost, speaking other than the ability, lose back of the wings and head of the halo, become as appearance is visible also in humans.

In order to return to the Observatory, it becomes possible to travel around the world with the heavenly Ark of driver Stella.

After to save Corvus that fell in darkness, we eat the goddess of fruit, and chose to live as a human being.

Since the hair and facial expressions are different for each player, it is adapted not displayed face part of the movie.


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