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The Nine Divines are a group of eight Aedra and the founder of the Third Empire, Tiber Septim whom are worshipped throughout Tamirel in the Elder Scrolls series. They consist of 5 gods (six if one counts Talos) and 3 goddesses. Each god controls a different domain in mortal life.

The Divines

  • Akatosh: The Dragon God of Time and chief god of the pantheon. Has affiliation with the main antagonist of Skyrim, Alduin the World-Eater. Likely the equivalent of the Greek Titan Kronos, although more benevolent.
  • Arkay: God of Life, Death, and Funerals & Burial Rites, each major city has a hall of the dead dedicated to him. Likely the equivalent of Greek God Hades.
  • Dibella: Goddess of Beauty, Love, and Sexual Desire, she is the direct equivalent to the Greek Goddess Aphrodite.
  • Julianos: God of Wisdom and Logic, mages often worship him.
  • Kynareth: Also known as Kyne to the Nords, she is the Goddess of Nature, Wind, and the Sky.
  • Mara: Mother-Goddess and Goddess of Love, Marriage, and Compassion. The equivalent of the Greek Goddess Hera.
  • Stendarr: God of Mercy and Justice, has various vampire hunters called Vigils of Stendarr that work for him.
  • Talos/Tiber Septim: The only non-Aedra (and mortal), he is the God of War and Governance. The Thalmor do not consider him a divine and thus enforce the White-Gold Concordat, which bans the worship of him in Tamriel, and thus sparking the Skyrim Civil War. Likely the equivalent of the Greek God Ares and the Greek/Roman hero Heracles/Hercules.
  • Zenithar: God of Work and Commerce. The equivalent of the Greek God Hephaestus.


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