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Nino is a minor character in the mobile game Dragalia Lost. She first appears in the "Blessed Bloodline" onslaught event as an important character, where she is established as a descendant of the goddess.

She is not to be confused with the similarly named Nina.

She was voiced by Yume Miyamoto in the Japanese version, and by Maryke Hendrike in the English version.


Nino has white hair and pale skin. she wears a white dress with a cape that is white on the outside and green within. she is heterochromic with one eye being yellow and the other being purple.

With her faebless active, she gains a wing similar to her ancestor.


The sheltered scion of a bloodline with both human and faerie roots. She and her ancestors steward wisdom of history's hidden truths and the so-called "key to perdition." When in danger, her faerie powers awaken in the form of a lone wing.


Long ago, the former faerie Meene, who was known to the world as the goddess Ilia, had a group of children. With these children there was heavy debate on whether they should become heads of the church following the goddess's passing. After many fights, it was decided for somebody else to take over.

However, the perditionists who fought to get the children in charge hid them away for safety. Their history as the goddess's children was erased. Nino, the most recent and remaining descendant, lived alone in a hidden village while frequently getting visits by a man named Sonniere who would look after her. One day though, Sonniere had been assassinated, and with his last breath, he sent Tobias to keep Nino safe.

When Tobias first arrived, Nino assumed him to be a new caretaker and got him to work. Shortly enough, templars from the conservative sect, led by Paladyn Goma, invade the hidden village with intent on killing Nino deeming her a liar and a heretic over her claim of being related to the goddess. Tobias, who is granted a new armor, fights off the templars and escorts Nino out of the village.

Knowing they need a place to hide, Tobias takes Nino to Father Glennie, who promises them safety. That safety proves to be a lie as the room they are in gets flooded with poison. After the two escape the room, Father Glennie has them surrounded. With things looking bad, the two are saved by Ryszarda and Raphael, who offer them safety at the Northern Ilian church due to the South wanting Nino dead.

On the way, the group stop at Peng Lai with a hotel rented out for them to stay at. However, after the apostle and archangel leave the two alone, they decide to stay and watch the pyroblossoms before going to the room. As the show starts, Nino gets lost in the crowd and runs into an assassin who brings her to Father Glennie.

As Father Glennie prepares to kill her, Tobias, Ryszarda, and Raphael arrive to stop the ritual. However, Paladyn Goma's troops arrive as well, resulting in a three way battle. Taking words told to her by Tobias, Nino decides she needs to fight for her freedom and begins to awaken her faerie magic. With this power, she aids the trio in taking out both Glennie's and Goma's forces.

After which Ryszarda and Raphael let her know they were told to bring her in by force, but are willing to look the other way if she refuses due to her saving them. At the same time, Tobias offers to bring Nino to the Halidom for safety. In the end, Nino rejects both offers and instead chooses to walk her own path, free and knowing she will be able to protect herself.


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