Noble was a strange organic werewolf who befriended the Maximals on Cybertron in Beast Machines. Noble was actually an unintentional beast form created by Megatron. In the beginning of season 2, Megatron's spark took over Noble and deceivingly befriending the Maximals and mostly, Nightscream.

In the next episode, Nightscream followed Noble to Megatron's citadel base where he took his spark and formed a permanent non-organic form and explained that Noble never had a spark and was a creation that was never supposed to exist. Noble was real however as he would appear and help the Maximals in battle but sometimes accidently blows their covers when he howls.
300px-SavageNoble Savage approaches

Savage Noble

Mainly in battle, Noble would turn into a giant red dragon, similar to Megatron's Transmetal II beast mode. Though he befriended Nightscream, he would help in battle and then run away. A few episodes later, Megatron began consuming all the sparks on Cybertron and attacked the Maximals. Noble intervened and saved Nightscream, but was destroyed by Megatron after being disgusted with his failed creation. With no spark, he could not go into stasis lock and died. His death enraged Nightscream who defeated Megatron in this battle and was mourned by his comrades. He is the second Maximal to have been killed in the show.


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