Nobuharu Udo (有働 ノブハル Udō Nobuharu?), nicknamed "Nossan" (ノッさん?) by his friends, is Kyoryu Blue (キョウリュウブルー Kyōryū Burū?) of the Kyoryugers.


Before Kenichi Died

Nobuharu always used to cheer up Kenichi, the husband of his sister, during hard times. Kenichi was the only one who liked his jokes. Once he died, Nobuharu took his old job and started caring for his sister and niece.

32 years old. A hardworking Jack-of-All-Trades. The others call him "Nossan" (ノッさん?) due to his age. While on a trip, Nobuharu defeated Zyudenryu Stegotchi in an icy field, and gained its’ power. A powerful brawler who declares himself the “Armored Brave” (鎧の勇者 Yoroi no Yūsha?). He lives with his widowed younger sister and his niece.

100 Years Later

Nobuharu and the other Kyoryugers were summoned by the SP Zyudenchi to help their descendants defeat Remorseful Knight Arslevan.


Very clumsy, shy, and hilarious. Nobuharu works as an electrical serviceman. Actually, he loves to try to act cool, but always ruins it (just like he failed to spin his Gaburivolver). Even though he looks like that, he is a person with incredible strength, even in his civilian form. Nobuharu always display a bad habit to create old man gags in every situation, even in an unsuitable time. However, while his jokes sound lame to most everyone, certain people however like his jokes. Among them are his brother-in-law Kenichi, Doctor Ulshade and Candelilla. He also sometimes grows envious for Utsusemimaru given that he is three years younger than him even after being time-displaced (as well as able to create a funnier old man gag than him).


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