Noctis is a main character in Gormiti. Lord Noctis is the Lord of the Air Tribe who knows better than anybody Gorm Stone, and this makes him one of the most powerful Lords of Nature following the noble family and the son of King Nadar, Noctis is the Gorm Prince. Armed with a lethal double-edged blade, Noctis uses the speed of the wind and the fury of the storms to fight his enemies. Heir of a noble family and son of King Nadar, Noctis is the Prince of Gorm that knows better than everyone else the powers of his Gorm Stone, making him one of the most powerful Lords of Nature.


Throughout the Gormiti series of toys and medias, Noctis is an avian humanoid with sky blue skin, yellow claws, yellow beak, yellow horns, sky blue feathers and white eyebrows.


When Noctis flies up higher in obscurity, he can infiltrate, watch, and attack. It is said by the legend that not even the moon can flee the magical powers of the Lord Noctis. With a two-edged deadly sword, he also uses wind speed and storm to put his enemies on the run.

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