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Noii is the main character of the Chinese animated series World of Super Sand Box, which is based on the Manhua of the same name.. He lives alone with his father.


He has pale skin, short blue hair and brown eyes.

His school attire consists of a dark grey coat, a white shirt, a red necktie, and black pants.


The series starts with him waking up only to realise he overslept. He hastily gets dressed for school. He learns about the game Blade and Saber from Haki and shortly after bumps into Motis.

Soon after, he hears about a Level 5 threat that requires all citizens to get to safety. After the monster is dispatched, he expresses a desire to become like the people who dispatched it.

After school, he returned Cass’s dropped phone moments before another monster emerged from the fountain. This prompts him to flee with her. He confronts the creature with a fire axe in order for Cass to escape. Shortly after the creature swiped the fire axe, it gets cut down by Motis in her Blade attire. Although she ends up getting disarmed, Noii kills the creature with her katana. He was then told to keep what he saw hidden or she’ll have to silence him.

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