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Nojiko is a character in the anime and manga series One Piece. She is the adoptive daughter of the late Bell-mère and adoptive older sister of Nami. She is a owner with the tangerine farm at the Cocoyasi Village. She also is the ally at the Straw Hat Pirates while in Arlong Park Arc.

She was voiced by Wakana Yamazaki (Anime series) and Noriko Yoshitake (Game) in Japanese and Chio Su-Ping (Odex), Tiffany Grant (Adult) and Jad Saxton (Young) in English.


Nojiko is the young woman has a skin with a average-sized with the light blue hair and dark green eyes. The chest and right arm has a dark blue tattooed who gesture in condolence and sympathy cowards Nami, and she was being ashamed to wears a tattoo at Arlong's jolly roger. At the manga, she wore a while using her bracelet to gave her adoptive sister, Nami. She actually wears a seen her beige sleeve shirt (which has a green button up shirt has a yellow stripes), blue pants and purple and pink sandals. Lastly, she has debuted on wear a lipstick gloss. She also wears her red headband on the top of the middle.

In the timeskip, her hair is getting really growing longer, she still has a lipstick gloss which seems to became an slimmer. Just like her sister, she became an hourglass features to be more pronounced.


Nojiko is a highly supportive of levelheaded Nami's older sister. She is generous to Genzo, when Nojiko and Nami having seem an father figure. Like her sister, she seen having a real trouble, apparently she had a upset boys.

As a older, she become a party responsible from being as well as the others in the island. After time of the years of Arlong's rule, she wants to tries as prevent others for raise up between Arlong when Nami was work into a cowards horror to deal at him.

She can not other people with threw it away from their living recklessly. She also having as the belief to do not have any longer will having to live us to died, if you can try harder as have enough, whatever adult, teenager or child, it's doesn't matter what you can.



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