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You heard what I said, strumpet! I love Kate! That's right! I love you, Kate! And the last 2 weeks I spent with you have meant more to me than my whole entire miserable life with you, Rasputia! It's over! Norbit Albert Rice is no longer your bitch!
~ Norbit outright telling off Rasputia, confessing that he loves Kate, and ending his marriage with Rasputia

Norbit Albert Rice is the titular protagonist of the film of the same name. He is Kate Thomas' husband.

He is played by Eddie Murphy, who also portrayed his guardian Mr. Wong and his nemesis Rasputia Latimore and Prince Akeem Joffer in Coming to America.


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In Norbit, Norbit tells the story of his childhood. As a baby, Norbit's parents didn't want him, so they threw him out of their car and drove off. Norbit was then raised by a Chinese man named Mr. Wong (who was kinda like Norbit's new father) and his wife Ling-Ling. Norbit was friends with another orphan named Kate Thomas; they knew each other ever since they were 5 in 1973; however, they were separated when Kate finally got adopted.

In Norbit

In 1977, while a 9-year-old Norbit was making a sand castle at school, two twin boys stomped on it and beat him up. But a 10-year-old Rasputia grabbed the two boys, made them headbutt each other, then threw them away. Rasputia also forced Norbit to be her boyfriend.

Norbit and Rasputia were boyfriend and girlfriend up until high school, and they got married and moved into a house. On every holiday, Norbit would dress up and Rasputia (who would also dress up) would run and jump on her husband and break their bed; however, during one holiday, when Rasputia tackles Norbit on the bed, the bed doesn't break as it had bricks underneath it. Norbit started working for Rasputia's three older brothers Big Black Jack, Blue, and Earl at the Latimore Construction Company until 1985.

Kate came back to town with her conniving fiancé Deion Hughes. When Kate buys the orphanage and Deion tries to marry her so he and the Latimores could take over the orphanage and turn it into a strip club (which they call a "titty bar").

Finally, Norbit breaks the wedding and exposes Rasputia's plan. He also files a divorce from her and marries Kate. However, it is not mentioned if Norbit or Kate have children.


Norbit is a highly intelligent, ingenue (formerly), crafty, shy, naive, good hearted, altruistic and lovable man who is always nice and caring to others, unlike his former wife Rasputia. And instead of fighting danger, he always runs away from it as he is too timid to fight until the end where he finally becomes a courageous fighter, even crushing Big Black Jack's fingers, proving his own courageous and heroic character.


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