The Nordic Aliens, known by various names such as: The Blonde Humanoids and Tall White Aliens, are reported humanoid-aliens which supposedly have been visiting planet-earth before birth of Jesus. The aliens got known after a British woman reported seeing two of them in a UFO, orbiting around her house. Their name "Nordic Aliens" might have have little to do with the Nordic (Norse or Norwegian) cultures of Scandinavia ( cultural, historical and ethno-linguistic region in northern Europe).


The Aliens, described by the women that saw them, appear to be very tall with pale skin. They look very-human-like, except they have a much bigger forehead then humans. While it was also reported that they have long blonde hairs and blue eyes. It's anonymous if these aliens are friendly.


On October 21th, 1954, in England, a women with two children saw a giant flying object (possibly a UFO), flying over their heads and then hovering over their house. The women first hears some strange noises, thinking that that we're her children, messing around. Eventually the kids we're outside, telling the mom that there is a unidentified object in front of their house.

The mom though it was a joke, and brought the two into the house. The mom then looks though the window, seeing the huge object, and in-object, she saw two Nordic Aliens sitting inside of it, spectating their house. The woman is in shock and she grabbed her kids trying to protect them in-any form she could. It ended by the aliens just flying over their house and possibly either left Earth or started looking more around it. The footage of the women still exits, while the British news for various of reasoning terminated it from the television.

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