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Hero Overview

Back in elementary school, my classmates' address books were filled with their friends' phone numbers. Was it fifty phone numbers? A hundred? Mom had dad, and dad has mom, but I don't have anyone. I bet rockstars and people on TV have thousands and thousands of friends, but I don't have anyone. I bet I'll never have any friends. I'm positive of it because nobody but me can see my Hierophant Green. If they can't see him, how can they ever understand me? That's what I thought until I met Joseph, Jotaro, Polnareff, and Avdol. I wonder why the hairs on my back stand up when I think of Avdol and Iggy? It's probably because they were my first friends, and we share a common goal. To defeat Dio together! Our trip only lasted a few weeks, but they were my friends. I trusted them from the bottom of my heart.
How did he deflect Hierophant’s Emerald Splash?!?
~ Kakyoin, after Jotaro/Star Platinum deflected the ability

Noriaki Kakyoin was a major protagonist in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders and a posthumous character in its spinoff Crazy Diamond's Demonic Heartbreak. He is a clever teenager, able to use his Stand, Hierophant Green, in various ways in order to defeat his enemies.

He was voiced by Kōji Yusa in the video game JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle, Daisuke Hirakawa in the Japanese version of the anime adaptation, and by Kyle Hebert in the English version.


Kakyoin was a young man of average to above-average height and fit to slender build. He is only seen wearing his school uniform (commonly colored dark green). Kakyoin keeps medium-length hair (often red), characterized by a large, twisting appendage hanging before his face. He wears earrings in the shape of a long, fine arch, tipped by small spheres. Later, Kakyoin acquires two thin scars vertically crossing both eyes; which he variously hides with a fine pair of dark sunglasses.


Though Kakyoin comes as a cold man, he was actually a kind and loyal man. He will support his comrades actively and fights for things that are ethically right. He hates bowing down or brown-nosing and only respectable people can be viewed as his friends. He is straight to the point but nice and cares very strongly for his friends. He resents people who plot secret schemes. He mentions he could never relate to people because of his ability, and thus never desired to make friends for most of his life; this changed when he discovered other people who also had Stands.

After Jotaro releases him from DIO's control, Kakyoin joins Jotaro's group in the quest to destroy DIO as compensation for having acted as DIO's pawn. Some of his personality undergoes changes in the middle of the story, and this is attributed to the events after his encounters with Mannish Boy and N'Doul. He eventually sheds his "repentant" attitude. In addition to the above traits, he now has more confidence and has regained a lot of his pride.

He also has a profound respect for his parents, remembering them before his eventual death.


Kakyoin's long-range humanoid Stand is Hierophant Green; able to extend tentacle-like limbs or unravel to a modest extent; as well as fire a barrage of hard projectiles (an "Emerald Splash").



Kakyoin was withdrawn person as a child, voluntarily avoiding to make any friends out of fear that none of them would understand his stand which had already developed. 2–3 months prior to the start of Part 3, Kakyoin was approached by DIO while traveling in Egypt with his family. The vampire, having sensed Kakyoin's Stand powers, asked for a demonstration which led to them fighting. When Kakyoin lost, he was brainwashed into following DIO's will via buds from DIO's own cells and given the mission to kill Jotaro Kujo. Kakyoin returned to Japan around the same time as Jotaro left prison and attended the same school as him.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure : Stardust Crusaders

Kakyoin carries out DIO's orders on his first meeting with Jotaro. He manipulates the school nurse with his Hierophant Green, using her to attack Jotaro. After being hit by an emerald splash, Jotaro defeats him by using Star Platinum to deflect the attack. Hierophant Green was later grabbed and beaten up, resulting in Kakyoin's defeat. Jotaro ends up dragging him home, both considerably injured. Joseph was able to recognize the flesh bud on the teenager's forehead, explaining that it was a method for DIO to spread his influence. Jotaro uses Star Platinum to remove the flesh bud from Kakyoin's head - despite the risk that it might openly attack both of them. Kakyoin is freed from DIO's control as a result and joins Jotaro, Joseph and Avdol on their trip to Egypt to fight DIO.

At the beginning of the trip, the group is attacked by Gray Fly, whose Tower of Gray proves to be a match even for Star Platinum. Trying to prevent a fight to take down the plane, Kakyoin volunteers to fight the enemy stand by himself. After using the emerald splash several times and almost having his tongue ripped out, Kakyoin revealed that he had tricked Tower of Gray into staying in a predictable spot. This has allowed Hierophant Green to wrap its tendrils around the enemy stand before ripping it apart, defeating the enemy stand user in the process. However, Tower of Gray had already killed the pilot, forcing Joseph to fly it instead.

The Crusaders later arrived at Hong Kong where they meet Polnareff for the first time in a restaurant. After he joined them, they continued the journey on boat where they were attacked by 2 enemy stand users. They were however still able to arrive in Singapore. At a hotel room, Joseph's stand reveals that Kakyoin cannot be trusted, making everyone suspicious of him. Meanwhile outside, Kakyoin, Jotaro, and Anne were looking at sights in which the former began acting suspiciously, going as far as to push Jotaro off a building as a "joke". However after being punched into a cable car, it is revealed that Kakyoin has merely been impersonated by Rubber Soul. The real Kakyoin was still at the hotel, sunbathing with his uniform on. After the defeat of the enemy stand user, Jotaro returned to the group, telling them about the battle and the impersonator.

When Polnareff is attacked by Hol Horse and J. Geill he is saved by Kakyoin and Avdol, but not before the latter is almost killed. Kakyoin manages to discover The Hanged Man's true ability and tricks the enemy stand into having only one place to go: a coin. This allows Polnareff to injure Hanged Man before chasing down and finishing off its stand user. After surviving Wheel of Fortune and arriving at a suspicious hotel, the crusaders managed to capture an important minion of DIO. This however brings unwanted attention to them which came in the form of Steely Dan who kills Enya and implants his stand in Joseph's head. Kakyoin and Polnareff were able to send their stands into Joseph's head to hunt down the Steely Dan's stand, The Lovers. After a tricky battle due to the enemy stand's self-replicating abilities, Kakyoin was able to defeat it by attacking all the clones at once using his stand's tendrils. This eventually led up to Steely Dan being beaten up by Jotaro.

In the desert, the group is attacked by an enemy stand The Sun, who was able to precisely shoot Hieoraphant Green down. The crusaders soon took cover underneath a rock where Kakyoin was the first to notice an obvious hiding spot. Some time later, the team were tasked with taking care of a "baby" named Mannish Boy. The "baby" decided to use his stand on Kakyoin first, bringing him into a dream where he was tormented. Kakyoin ended up having to scratch his own arm in order to remind himself that the "baby" is a stand user and that his stand attacks when people are asleep. Though the rest of the group don't believe him and come to believe he has succumbed to stress, Kakyoin is ultimately able to defeat the enemy stand by bringing Hierophant Green into the dream with him. He then teaches Mannish Boy a lesson by mixing some of the baby's own poop with the baby food.

The Crusaders later visited an island to pick up a recovering Avdol before going to their destination on Submarine where they were attacked by another enemy stand. After arriving in Egypt, Joseph decided to ask the Speedwagon Foundation to bring in Iggy, a dog stand user which Avdol found some time ago. They were then attacked by N'Doul and his stand, Geb. Kakyoin in particular was injured by the enemy stand, resulting in his eyes being scratched. The crusaders survived the ordeal and Kakyoin was brought to a hospital where he recovered. He was able to recover just in time to join the rest of the crusaders in their hunt for DIO which led them to the vampire's mansion. Upon entering said mansion, he along with Jotaro and Joseph were separated from the others and was forced to play video games against the butler, a man named Terence D'Arby. Despite Kakyoin's determination and proficiency in video games, he was defeated by Terence and temporarily lost his soul. Luckily, Jotaro and Joseph were able to defeat the butler, allowing them to win Kakyoin's soul back. He later joins the crusaders in an attempt to confront DIO, only to immediately bail out with the rest of the crusaders due to the strength of the vampire's stand.

He later joined Joseph and the two chased down DIO. Kakyoin was able to figure out the vampire's stand range and soon devised a plan. He later attacked DIO from a distance, using his stand's tendrils and ranged attack to his advantage. Despite managing to corner his opponent, Kakyoin wound up with a hole being punched through his chest. He was still able to figure out DIO's stand ability, being the ability to stop time due to him seemingly snapping all the tendrils apart at once. He used his last moments to shoot at a clock and stopping it, allowing Joseph to figure out DIO's stand ability.


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