I eat (insert monster) for breakfast
~ Norman's catchphrase

Norman is the deuteragonist of Mighty Max. He is the protector of the Mighty One and a skilled swordsman.

He has gone by many names throughout his long life, including Hercules, Sir Lancelot and Little John.


Norman is Max's bodyguard. In the time of the early Vikings, a young Norman watched his father die at the hands of Spike, an indestructible deranged and bloodthirsty warrior. Because of his size at the time, Norman couldn't help when he had the chance (he was unable to lift his father's war-axe), and thus blamed himself for the tragedy; at his father's grave, he vowed to become the greatest warrior that ever lived (cf. "Norman's Conquest"). After a lifetime of battle, Norman was approached by Virgil to become the guardian. He earned his immortality through unknown means, and swore to defend the Mighty One with his life if necessary. As the Mighty One's bodyguard, Norman is usually serious but unlike Virgil, he seems to enjoy Max's carefree ways. Norman's exploits through the ages were the basis of numerous legends, including Thor, Hercules, Samson, Lancelot, and Little John, presumably among others. Norman is shown throughout the series to be practically impervious to fear, though he is not above disgust. The only creatures which give him pause for terror are spiders. In the show he meets several of tremendous size and strength. It is in hinted in the final episode he may have finally met his match in combat and died at the eight hands of an enormous spider.


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