Norman is a guinea pig, who is one of the main characters in The Secret Life of Pets and one of the six tetartagonists (alongside Hu, Rooster, Mel, Buddy and Sweet Pea) of The Secret Life of Pets 2. He is voiced by Chris Renaud. In the movie, he keeps getting lost finding his apartment.

Norman first appears in Max's Apartment and askes Max what's his owner's house number, but Max says he doesn't know and Norman doesn't live in his department, so Norman leaves. Later, when Duke is eating from Max's bowl, he senses someone in the vent, only to discover it's Norman and confuses him for a rodent. as Duke is about to catch Norman, Norman screams in fear and luckily was able to escape Duke.

Later on, he enters Gidget's Apartment and agrees her plan to find missing Max, only to find he is at another wrong apartment and get caught by Tiberius. Not until Gidget tells Tiberius to stop, Tiberius regard Norman as a prey.

Norman follows the pets to find Pops and then follow them to Snowball's lair in the sewer. But they are regarded as the friend of Max, so they are almost caught by The Flushed Pets. Norman gets into a pipe and get out at another end, thinking himself is safe, but he is caught by Derick by his mouth. Norman isn't afraid, however, he says, "Good for you guys!" to The Flushed Pets and hits high-five with Derick.

He is later taken to Brooklyn Bridge and is at a tail of a snake when The Flushed Pets are about to attack Max; he later cheers with other animals for the rescue of Max, Duke, and Snowball and goes home in Tattoo's taxi. When most pets get to their home, Norman keeps find his apartment, and he finally finds the right place and remove a guinea pig toy his owner has. At that time his owner is sleeping, but when he notices Norman he hugs him.


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