Norman Burg is one of the main protagonists of the anime series The Big O. He is Roger Smith's butler and the one responsible for maintenance of the Big O, as well as Roger's car the Griffon. Forty years ago he, along with all of Paradigm City, lost all memories, but he would not hesitate before going unto the breach for his master. 

He is voiced by Motomu Kiyokawa in the Japanese version, while in the English version he is voiced by Milton James in season 1 and Alan Oppenheimer in season 2.


Norman is a tall (about the same height as Roger), elderly man with white hair and and a white moustache. He is usually seen wearing a typical butler uniform, which consists of a black suit, a white buttoned collar shirt and a black bowtie. He apparently lost an eye in his past, as he is always seen wearing an eyepatch.


Norman acts as a father figure to both Roger and Dorothy. He displays a tendency to get involved in the relationship between Roger and Dorothy, "pushing" the two together for sake of the emotional good each does one another. Norman is grateful to Roger for providing him a purpose and in return Roger considers Norman his most trusted and infallible aide de camp.

As expected of a butler, Norman is very much a gentleman, acting very formal and respectful to everyone. He is also very dutiful, always being prepared to serve Roger dinner upon his return, even when it's unlikely that he will. However, he can also be quite sarcastic at times, albeit nowhere near Dorothy or even Roger's levels.

Unlike his master, Norman has no problem with using guns, and is in fact seen using them several times as a means to protect the Smith household. He also seems to get a kick out of combat; when he and Dorothy are being pursued by a rogue Megadeus, he states that he is getting bored and they should make things more interesting, after which he reveals the rockets of his motorcycle and uses them to fight back.

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