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"What can I tell ya? I guess some things are just harder to face than others."
—North Dakota in Out of Body

North Dakota, often referred to as simply North, was an agent in the Special Operation's program Project Freelancer. North and his twin sister South Dakota were part of an experiment to see how one agent who received an A.I. while the other did not would react. As a result, North was given the artificial intelligence program Theta, a childlike A.I. who North grew a close bond with, due to his nurturing nature. However, his closeness with Theta, as well as the fact that he had an A.I., severed his relationship with South, who grew jealous of him and eventually placed him in a position to be killed by the Meta.

North serves as a main character in the Project Freelancer Saga and is voiced by John Erler.


North and South were both part of a superfluous experiment to study what would happen if one agent received an A.I. and another didn't. Being that they were twins, they were the ideal subjects for said experiment. In addition, with being both siblings and participating in a specific experiment, it is most likely they were assigned their respective code-names to colloquially refer to them and the experiment as "the Dakotas." The result of the experiment was South betraying her brother, allowing the Meta to kill him to take his A.I., Theta, and his armor enhancement. South was able to escape unharmed.


North Dakota's personality is the exact opposite of that of his sister. North is shown to be very calm and logical in battle, as he tried to give his sister advice when infiltrating the Bjørndal Cryogenics Research Facility.  North is also very kind and caring towards his fellow Freelancers and (according to York) is used to looking out for them, such as showing concern when York becomes injured during a training match and when he visited Wash (along with South) after he woke up following the implantation of Epsilon and its subsequent insanity.

North also shows a high degree of kindness and somewhat protectiveness towards his sister, shown when he pushed South away from a firing turret and when he tries to calm her down when she loses her temper.  North also treats his A.I., Theta, very well, as he walked with Theta in order for him to get to sleep and didn't want to pull Theta out of his head because he felt like he was obligated to help Theta.

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