Noshiro (能代) was an Agano-class cruiser which served with the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) during World War II. She was named after the Noshiro River in Akita Prefecture in northern Japan.

Noshiro was launched at Yokosuka Naval Arsenal on 19 July 1942 and completed less than a year later on 30 June 1943. On completion, she was initially assigned to the IJN 1st Fleet for training off of Hashirajima. On 15 August 1943, she was reassigned to Vice Admiral Takeo Kurita's Second Fleet as the flagship of DesRon 2, replacing the cruiser Jintsuu, which had been sunk a month earlier at the Battle of Kolombangara

Noshiro was removed from the navy list on 20 December 1944.



  • Noshiro has long brown hair and light green eyes. She and her sisters wear a sleeveless serafuku that exposes her midriff with a red pleated skirt, which vaguely implies the sort of miko outfits that the battleships wear. She wears a necktie, gloves, belt, and has asymmetrical legwear where the left leg has a single thighhigh stocking on a garter strap. Noshiro wears her hair in a braid with an orange hair tie securing it in place.


  • In comparison to the other Agano-class sisters, Noshiro has a much more serious personality. This can be explained historically as Noshiro acted as the flagship of the 2nd Torpedo Squadron after Jintsuu's sinking, which withheld the IJN's elite at the time.
  • She's not above having fun with other shipgirls, as displayed by some of her seasonal lines, notably Setsubun.
  • Uses third person to refer to herself.
  • While she can cook, she's only able to prepare curry. She mentions that fact in her 1 PM hourly.
  • Frequently mentions Agano in her hourlies and appears as holding affection for her, even though she occasionally seems to get fed up with her ditzy, forgetful behavior. She also mentions in her Wedding line how she doesn't want to be seen as only caring for her, but for the Admiral as well.
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