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NotEnrique is a minor character from the DreamWorks TV series, Trollhunters.


Claire's baby brother, Enrique was kidnapped by goblins and they replaced him with a troll that can shapeshift into a baby. Jim and Toby volunteered to take care of the baby. As they take care of him, it turned out to be a troll in disguise as one of the boys used a horseshoe that can tell whether the person is a changeling or not. That troll messed the house. It was later revealed that the real Enrique was kidnapped into the lair of Gunmar.

In the later episode, NotEnrique invited other trolls, including AAARRRGGHH!!! in Claire's house, which makes her frustrated. Later NotEnrique made police car sounds in order to make all trolls go away and this solved the problem.

He later became less villainous as he stated to help Jim and his friends. He even helped them in missions.


NotEnrique is a green troll wearing a diaper. He also has fur on his back and a face similar to most trolls. His baby form looks exactly like Enrique, since he is a disguise.


He used to be very mischievous as he messed the house of Claire. He later appeared to be better than before, since he redeems himself from what he used to do.


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