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Nova is a protagonist in Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go! She is the only female on the team until Jinmay became an honorary member. She pilots the Foot Crusher Cruiser 6, which forms the right foot of the Super Robot. Her main weapons are her Robotic Fists.

She is voiced by Kari Wahlgren. In the Japanese dub from the series, she is voiced by Yoko Honna.


She is a yellow and white robot monkey with pink eyes.


Nova is usually tough, emotionally guarded and feisty but she also has a caring side. She's the team's main fighter and has been known for her fiery attitude. She has a love-hate relationship with Sparx. She eventually admits her feelings to Sparx, claiming she loves him "too much to lose him", in the last episode. She had a loving bond with her creator, the Skeleton King back when he was known as the Alchemist. When he was human he used to call her "Dearest Nova." She also cares for Chiro as if he were a brother of hers. Antauri chose her as the team's third-in-command, which did not bode well with Sparx and Gibson, as they were fighting about who it would be in the episode "Savage Lands."


She was one of the six bio-mechanical monkeys created by an Alchemist in order to protect Shuggazoom and the universe from an incoming evil being.

Years after created, Nova was found by Chiro sleeping inside the Super Robot at the outskirts of the City. After she woke up, Nova along the rest of the Monkey team joined forces with Chiro in a mission to protect Shuggazoom from the Skeleton King.


  • "It's you! It really is you!"



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