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Nova Terron is a supporting character of Mysticons. He first appears in Episode 2, "How to Train a Mysticon". He is voiced by Dan Lett.

He is centuries old. In Happily Never After, he has a book which is overdue 300 years.


Nova Terron is one of the Order of Astromancers' High Council with the esteemed rank of Star Master.


Nova Terron appears as an older human mage with long white beard and mustache and a seriously somber demeanor.

He is turned into a Spectromancer by his former top pupil as her personal and venomous vendetta against him for deceiving her about her life and history.


Nova Terron has an obsession with "Apocalypses". He says the word several times in The Astromancer Job, and was easily distracted by the mystic video game, Avatars of the Apocalypse, getting very deeply invested in as he played.

He's cold-hearted, serious, sadistic and has a high pitched voice, but deep down, he has a good heart when he took Arkayna's twin sister to Hortensia Q. Sparklebottom's fairy orphanage for special children.


  • "Dandruff the Grey" is a nickname Zarya briefly gave him. This is an allusion to Tolkien's Gandalf the Grey.
  • He was the only Astromancer who was entrusted with "the prophecy" which he committed to memory, and which was eventually forced out of him by the ancient mask Queen Necrafa gave Tazma.
  • In Episode 20, he learns of the identity of the leader of the Mysticons as the Princess of Gemina.
  • He was in a romance with Geraldine Yaga who eventually broke up with him for being "emotionally unavailable." He is still known as "Fate Master 888" by his old flame.
  • He was turned into a masked mindless Spectromancer in Episode 29.
  • He resigned as the leader of the Astromancers to Proxima Starfall at the end of Mysticons.
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