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Nuffink Haddock is one of the minor characters of How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World and supporting character of How to Train Your Dragon: Homecoming. He is son of Hiccup and Astrid, the younger brother of Zephyr, and the grandson of Stoick and Valka.

He is voiced by Liam Ferguson.


Nuffink inherited Astrid's blonde hair color and Hiccup's green eyes. His clothing resembles Hiccup's from younger years. He has a thin and lanky body with thick shaggy hair. In How To Train Your Dragon: homecoming, his voice was similar to that of his grandfather, Stoick the Vast, with a noticeable accent. Like Hiccup, Nuffink has a few small braids in the back of his head.

In Homecoming, he wears a baggy red tunic with gold trim around the neck, hem, and wrists. A lighter brown suede belt is around his waist complete with a belt buckle shaped like a Fury Night Fury's head. His trousers are dark brown and he wears reddish-brown suede boots. Around his neck he wears a necklace with a single sharp tooth attached. For a short moment after the pageant, he wears a small silver Viking helmet.

In How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, he wears a light tan long-sleeved tunic with similar decorative trimming. His pants are baggy and a light brown in color. Light brown fur and suede boots are on his feet. He now wears a necklace that is set with three sharp teeth, presumably from dragons. On his belt he has a hilt that contains a toy sword. The sword is colorful, having lime green parts and is striped with orange and purple.


In the book, The Art of How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, Nuffink is described as having his mother's personality, being adventurous and turbulent. In the  film maker's commentary, he's said to be a brash adventurer. His love for adrenaline like his father's can be seen when he's thrown up in the air and he's loving every second of it. Nuffink was also completely unfazed by getting hit with his sister's nonlethal dragon defense systems, as he readily stated he was okay after taking a full-on hit by the swinging battering ram she installed to ward off dragons at Snoggletog. He also had a tendency to bang his head against hard objects like rocks for fun. As seen in the Snoggletog Log he seems to have inherited some of his father's inventive skills as he is seen using two baby Gronckles as a makeshift "jetpack".



During Snoggletog, Nuffink was initially excited about helping his father in preparing a traditional dragon feast for Toothless after Hiccup told him the story behind the tradition. When Hiccup offers to take him fishing to catch Toothless' favorite fish, he brags about how he doesn't need a fishing pole, but would rather butt the fish with his "own wee head", and demonstrates this by ramming his head into a support beam of the house. They're interrupted on their way our the door, however, by a trap that his sister Haddock Zephyr had set for any visiting dragons. After listening to Zephyr’s opinions about dragons, he decided to help his sister in killing dragons instead. This prompted Hiccup and Astrid to create a Snoggletog Pageant so that the new generation of Vikings could understand how humans and dragons put aside their differences.

While his parents and Gobber prepare for the pageant, Nuffink continues to help Zephyr build and test new dragon traps. And he's very excited when they work! While listening to auditions for roles in the pageant, he practices hitting his head as hard as he can against one of the benches and pays no attention to the auditions.

During the performance, Nuffink gawks wide eyed at the Mechanical Toohless Puppet, until Zephyr shows how unimpressed she is with it, where Nuffink then trades his excitement for apparent apathy in leau of his sister. But he cannot help gasping in glee at seeing the "dragon" and a human interacting. When the stage catches on fire, and Hiccup loses control of the puppet, it blasts fire out into the crowd and Nuffink whimpers in fear until Zephyr steps in front of him and protectively holds the fire breathing monster off with a sharp stick she had just whittled. When the fire is out and the pageant appears to be resuming as normal, he again stares with wide eyes at the pivotal moment of the show. In the end, he happily jumps up and down, clapping his hands for the show. He declares that he loved it so much that it makes him want to fly like a dragon, and he leaps off of the bench he had been sitting on and belly flops to the ground.

On their way home that night, Nuffink pretends to be in the pageant as Stoick, and tames Zephyr who is pretending to be Toothless. Back at the house, he almost steps into one of Zephyr's traps but Zephyr grabs the Viking helmet off his head and throws it into the trap instead. Once inside, he and Zephyr are mesmerized by a green glowing crystal now sitting next to the bowl they had previously filled with fish for Toothless. Their parents run outside to see if Toothless had returned, and soon Nuffink joins Zephyr in seeing what the commotion is about and run into their parents' arms, just in time to see Toothless and his family fly out of sight.

The Hidden World

10 years into the future, he, Zephyr, Hiccup and Astrid sail across the sea and reunite with their dragons at the edge of the Hidden World. After introducing his children to his best friend, Hiccup takes their son flying on Toothless while Astrid and their daughter fly on Stormfly, accompanied by the Light Fury and their offspring.




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