Princess Nunnally

I wish the world was a gentle place.
~ Nunnally vi Britannia.
Nunnally vi Britannia was the disowned Fourth Princess of Britannia and was sent to Japan with Lelouch as political hostages. She was blind and crippled thanks to Emperor Charles zi Britannia.

She lived with Lelouch in the Ashford Academy and Lelouch became Zero for her sake. After one year, Nunnally was replaced by Rolo Lamperouge who was a spy and assassin under Suzaku Kururugi and Villetta Nu. 

She became the new Viceroy of Area 11 and arrived there, there she wanted to recreate Princess Euphemia's Special Administrative Zone of Japan. Alicia Lohmeyer was her aide and adviser and didn't agree on Nunnally's actions but let her do so as Viceroy. 

Second Prince Schneizel claimed that Nunnally is next in line to the throne and plans to kill Lelouch to let her do so. Believing this is a heroic act, Nunnally controlled the Damocles ship and fired at Lelouch's forces. Although she was defeated and taken to face execution, but she discovered Lelouch's Zero Requiem and regretted of her brothers death.

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