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Gaylord "Nurf" Nurfington is an on & off hero/villain from the Roosterteeth animated web series, Camp Camp. He is a horrible bully, who was sent to Camp Campbell to be rehabilitated. However, he has proven on multiple occasions to regret his horrible actions and has tried many times to change them and redeem himself.


Nurf is a recovering bully, who wants to better himself and give up his harmful ways so that he can become a better person. However, he has difficulty dealing with his anger and when he gets mad, he gets very violent and abusive toward other campers and even the councilors. Usually, when he does something awful, he'll feel immediate remorse for what he did and make an honest apology and try to fix his wrongdoings, proving that deep down, he is a good person who just has such a long way to go on the pathway to recovery. Nurf is very intelligent and has a way with words. He uses his powerful linguistics to express his true feelings and he uses his observational intelligence to try and find out what's wrong with him and how he can fix his own problems.

Heroic Acts

  • In "The Order of the Sparrow", Nurf, along with the rest of the Camp Campbell campers, dressed as an Indian and participated in David's stupid bonfire, just to make him happy.
  • In "Gwen Gets a Job", Nurf took control of Camp Campbell and watched over the kids, while David and Gwen were away. He acted as a characteristically strict but also fair authority figure.
  • In "Eggs Benifits", Nurf kept a watchful eye on his egg (which he named Nurf Jr.) and made sure to watch over it and keep it safe. However, Nurf was a bit of an overprotective helicopter parent and he constantly argued with his designated spouse, Preston Goodplay, which overwhelmed the egg and caused it to run away from home.
  • In "Parent's Day", Nurf proved to be a caring and loving son to his mother, trying to help her control her anger and stop committing acts of murder and assault so that she could get out of jail.
  • In "Night of the Living Ill", Nurf sacrificed himself to the infected campers to hold them off so that the uninfected campers could leave the camp safely and eventually find a cure.
  • In "The Fun-Raiser", Neil helped raise money to get Quartermaster's prosthetic limb back, by collaborating with Preston to make a commercial. He also made a bunch of handbags to sell and raise money.
  • In "Nikki's Last Day on Earth", Nurf helped make Nikki's supposed "last day alive" something special.
  • In "Attack of the Nurfs", Nurf defeated his army of evil clones.
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