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Nurm is a major character in Minecraft Story Mode: Season 2. He first appeared in "Hero in Resisdence" and is voiced by Mark Barbolak


Nurm does not talk much, but he is very intelligent, being "the genius behind all of their fine maps," and can read the runes in the Sea Temple. Unlike Jack, Nurm believes in the existence of the Admin genuinely.

Nurm can get scared in dangerous situations, but he trusts Jack and is daring enough to go adventuring with him. As an exception, he does fight in "Jailhouse Block", when he uses two iron axes to fight hostile mobs. He is willing to sacrifice himself for others, shown in "Jailhouse Block" when he offers to stay behind in the prison so Lluna can leave.


Nurm is a cartographer villager. He wears a green hat with a black stripe and a white feather stuck into it. He has a gold belt and cuffs.



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