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Nurzak is a former antagonist and major supporting character of Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders. He is a gundalian who was formerly the leading Subterra Brawler for the Twelve Orders. Nurzak is also the adviser of the previous emperor of Gundalia and Barodius' father who also believe that the Sacred Orb is far too dangerous and would caused calamities to the entire galaxy and the lives within all planets.

His Guardian Bakugan is Subterra Sabator and uses Chompixx as his Battle Gear. In Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge, he is now the Prime Minister of Gundalia. Nurzak is also now one of Dan Kuso's greatest allies and serves as an grandfather-figure to the Battle Brawlers (especially Fabia Sheen and Ren Krawler). He hated Barodius (the former emperor of Gundalia) for using the Gundalians for his own selfish, evil purposes.


Nurzak is first seen talking about the powerful Drago along with the other twelve orders.

Later he is telling Bardious that its only a matter of time before they get their hands on the element.

After Ren Krawler and his team failed to get the bralwers on their side Nurzak says now they no longer have the advantige against Nethia. He and Sabator battle the nethins, but are stooped by Jake Vallory and Cordom. He was surprised to see Sabator so evenly matched with Coredem and knew this was bad. He was later sent back to Gundalia along with the other Gundalians due to the Sacred Orb's energy.

He later berates Stoica and Kazarina for dispossing of Jesse.

when Mason Brown escapes from the gundaion ship he and Ren go to find him, but run into Fabia Sheen and Marucho Marukura. in the middle of their battle the Sacred Orb sent out a violent dimensional twister and he and Ren were forced to retreat. Later, he and Kazarina decide to leave Emperor Barodius feeling he is a cruel leader.




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