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Nuwa is a heroine in the Warriors Orochi series, a crossover of the Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors video game series. She is a serpent goddess in Chinese mythology who is the sister and wife of Fu Xi. She is often accredited to have given the gift of earth and rope-making to humanity. Nuwa is also known to have repaired the heavens once it tore away from the land, effectively healing the sky and the earth itself.


Nuwa first appeared in the world, blocking Orochi with Fu Xi and Taigong Wang. Together with other mystics, she is one of the second leaders of the military. Finally, the trio was defeated and forced to recuperate.

Nuwa has become an honorary member of the Wei's army. In their team, she tested Cao Cao's leadership and concerns about his growing ambitions. Once she realizes that she is more human than she had imagined, her concerns will be alleviated. She entrusted the fate of the land to humanity.

After the second death of Orochi, Nuwa returned to the mysterious realm left humanity to their destiny. However, feeling the re-emergence of the Snake Army, she returned to assist Cao Cao in his anti-Orochi resistance. When Aya and company explained the need to stand with Da Ji, the mystics were willing to help their cause. She and Fu Xi later led the opposition to their leader Sussano's.

After Orochi's eventual demise led to the destruction of the world, she and other mystics brought humanity back to their proper eras.


  • She is only available in Free Mode during her Dynasty Warriors debut. Her character revamp for the Warriors Orochi series is considered her permanent Warriors counterpart.
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