I'm impressed. For a moment there, I thought you were just a dumb hick who only has sex with farm animals.
~ Uhura at her first encounter with James T. Kirk

Nyota Uhura is a Starfleet communications officer aboard the USS Enterprise in an alternate reality in 2258.

This version of Uhura was played by Zoe Saldana, who also portrayed Gamora and Neytiri.


Uhura joined Starfleet in 2255. She would later begin a romantic relationship with Spock while at the academy.

While in Riverside, Iowa she met a young man named James T. Kirk, who tried hitting on the young attractive cadet. Some of the other cadets took exception to Kirk bothering Uhura and began fighting the young man. Kirk received quite the beating before Captain Christopher Pike stopped the fight. Pike convinced Kirk to join Starfleet not long afterwards, with Kirk telling Pike he would finish his academy coursework in three years.

Uhura would later be assigned to the Enterprise under Captain Pike. Owing to her ability to understand languages and work with communications systems Uhura soon became primary communications officer. Uhura witnessed the destruction of Vulcan by Nero and comforted Spock over the loss of his homeworld and his mother in the cataclysm.

She remained on the Enterprise after Kirk defeated Nero and was named the permanent Captain of the Enterprise after the promotion of Pike to Admiral.

Uhura was still on the Enterprise in 2259. She accompanied Kirk, Spock, and security officers to Qo'noS in pursuit of the renegade John Harrison, where she used her knowledge of the Klingon language to try to talk the patrol into leaving them be. The leader of the Klingon patrol tried to kill her, but Harrison (later revealed to be Khan Noonien Singh) intervened and killed the patrol.

The Enterprise was severely damaged in the fight against Admiral Marcus as well as Khan. It took over a year to repair the damage and refit the Enterprise. Upon completion of repairs Uhura assumed her post on the Enterprise as she began a five year mission.


As Khan states in the Uhura Disruption trailer, Uhura is the soul of the Enterprise, showing compassion towards her allies and doesn't like seeing them hurt. In addition, she shows herself to be a pacifist, prefers to negotiate with the enemy before attacking.

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