Nyreen Kandros
And if I say no? You'll just kill me and take over? My people won't stand for that.
~ Nyreen informing Aria that the Talons would never accept her as their leader.

Nyreen Kandros is a female Turian who appears exclusively in the Mass Effect 3: Omega DLC and an old friend of Aria T'Loak. She serves as the tritagonist of the DLC as well as a Paragon foil to Aria, believing the protection of the people of Omega to be the number one priority. She is also the leader of the mercenary band-turned-resistance group known as the Talons.

She was voiced by Sumalee Montano.


Born to a family with a long and honored tradition of military service, Nyreen Kandros left the turian military after the emergence of her biotic abilities. Oft-suspicious of biotics, the turians shipped Nyreen off to the Cabal units, where her abilities and experience were grossly underutilized.

After several years as a mercenary, Kandros was drawn to Omega by its reputation as a haven for capable freelancers. Nyreen's early years on Omega were a pivotal time for her. Aria T'Loak took an interest in Kandros, helping her hone her biotic talents while developing her military experience and skills to their full potential. Aria also allowed Nyreen the time she needed to reconcile with her new way of life and her unexpected and initially unwanted abilities. The two developed a relationship, but eventually parted ways due to irreconcilable differences. Nyreen remained on Omega unbeknownst to Aria, and went on to assume control of the Talons.


Unlike the Talons' previous leader, Nyreen had a strong moral compass and extensive military experience, traits which gave her the skills necessary to convert the Talons from a lawless gang to a highly disciplined operation devoted to aiding and protecting Omega's civilians. Like Garrus Vakarian, she sometimes said 'Spirits!' when she was surprised, especially when it was something to do with Adjutants. Her composure only cracked when facing Adjutants. Despite Aria considering this fear 'pathetic', it was more than justified as she was forced to kill friends who had been turned into them.

Having been well-acquainted with Aria in the past, Nyreen knew her very well and could read her better than most people. This is especially shown when she correctly guessed that Aria called her 'predictable and therefore easy to manipulate'. She also seemed very determined to teach Aria that she couldn't always get what she wanted, blatantly refusing to let Aria take control of the Talons despite knowing what happens to people who argue with her.

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