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Yes? No? ..Yes.
~ O.M.

O.M., short for One Million is the deuteragonist of Rudolph's Shiny New Year. He was a caveman who helped Rudolph find Happy, the Baby New year. He is the ruler of the island of One Million B.C. He has a sense of humor always ask yes or no after he asks a question. He also likes to imitate 1023's banter. When Rudolph arrives on his island, he was beginning to lose hope but O.M. cheers him up with a song and a dinosaur chorus line. O.M. told him that Happy did visit the island but the dinosaurs could not stop laughing at his ears and he ran off with his feelings hurt. O.M decided to assist Rudolph in the search.


He is the representative of the island that holds the distinction of being one of the oldest in the Archipelago of Last Years. He is an excitable cave-dweller who spends his time with the island's local dinosaurs (despite the fact that humans and dinosaurs never actually coexisted together). His philosophy is that if you laugh, you'll find that it's raining sunshine.

In the special's storyline, O.M. is the first to accompany Rudolph in his expedition to find Happy, the current Baby New Year. Although Happy had previously been on O.M.'s island, they have no luck finding him on the islands of 4000 B.C., 1893, 1492, or 1965.

They then travel to the island belonging to Sir 1023 and find that Happy was there, but upon being laughed at again for his big ears, ran away and is kidnapped by Aeon the Terrible. Though Big Ben manages to cause Aeon to let go of Happy, the baby new year lands on the island of Sev, where after being humiliated again, Happy is recaptured by Aeon and taken to the Island of No Name. O.M. and the others try to rescue him, but Aeon buries them in snow where only Rudolph is able to escape thanks to his nose. O.M. is freed from his snowball when Aeon falls on top of him and the other years after falling out of his nest from being filled with laughter over Happy's big ears, making it so he could never turn into ice and snow at the end of his lifetime due to being so full of warmth and laughter now. With help from Santa Claus, O.M. is able to help Rudolph get Happy back to Father Time's castle before the stroke of midnight to be crowned the new year and save the time stream.


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