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The Orbital Drop Shock Troopers are a class of soldier taking part in elite special operations in service to the UNSC, in the Halo franchise.


Halo 2

This is the first game appearance of ODSTs. Sometimes, they appear as a replacement for regular troopers. In Delta Halo, these soldiers drop in with pods along with the Master Chief.

Halo 3

ODSTs appear in this game, though they are never seen dropping in pods.

Halo Wars

The ODST appears in Halo Wars, as Captain Cutter's main infantry. In gameplay, the wield shotguns. The player can have them drop into battle.

Halo 3: ODST

ODSTs are more prominent in this game. Six identified troopers appear in the game: Edward Buck, Taylor "Dutch" Miles, Kojo "Romeo" Agu, Michael "Mickey" Crespo, Veronica Dare, and the unidentified "Rookie", who the player controls.

Halo: Reach

ODST Air Assault units, known as Bullfrogs appear in this game, as a special unit. They have jetpacks.


  • A dead ODST can be seen in the level Cortana. It's as though he trekked through the Flood-Infested High Charity. A flamethrower is seen near this corpse.
  • The ODST armor permutation as available in Halo IV's Infinity Armor Pack.
  • The ODST helmet is available in Halo 3.
  • ODST helmet shoulder pieces and chestplate are available in Halo: Reach.
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