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Oaken is a minor character from Disney's Frozen. He was voiced by Chris Williams.


After Anna ventures into the cold forest an loses her horse, she finds "Wandering Oaken's Trading Post and Sauna" and decides to get some supplies. Oaken excitedly greets her and offers her items on his "summer blowout sale", which aren't selling well due to the sudden winter. When Anna asks for some winter gear, Oaken points her to the limited selection of winter supplies. Disheartened, Anna decides to buy the clothes and asks Oaken if another girl had come by. While Oaken responds that no one else but Anna had come, Kristoff enters covered in snow. Oaken welcomes Kristoff with the same promotion for his supplies while Kristoff chooses the remaining winter items plus some carrots to buy, having recently returned from the Northern Mountains. As Anna realizes that her sister could be there from Kristoff's description, Oaken gives a high price for Kristoff's items compared to the little amount of money Kristoff has. Kristoff argues against this and calls Oaken a crook. Oaken, insulted, throws Kristoff out of his store. After this, Oaken returns to his amiable attitude towards Anna, but Anna decides to buy her items plus Kristoff's items to get Kristoff's help.

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