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Oboro Shirakumo, also known as Loud Cloud, is a major posthumous character in the 2014 Japanese superhero manga series My Hero Academia and its 2016 anime television series adaptation of the same name. As the Nomu Kurogiri, Shirakumo serves as a posthumous unwilling major antagonist in the series as a whole. He also appears in the School Days Arc of the 2016 spin-off prequel manga series My Hero Academia: Vigilantes as the flashback deuteragonist.

Oboro was a Japanese student who, like many others his age, aspired to become a Pro Hero one day. His quirk, called Cloud, allowed him to generate and manipulate clouds of varying density. At the age of fifteen, Shirakumo earned admittance into the hero course of U.A. High School, a program dedicated to cultivating new heroes. He was sorted into Class A, a class of twenty students with like-minded ambitions and lofty potential.

By the second year of school when Oboro was seventeen years old, he had made good friends with two of his classmates in particular—the introverted Shota Aizawa and the extroverted Hizashi Yamada. Alongside Shota and Nemuri Kayama, a third year girl Shirakumo was attracted to, Oboro joined the Hero Agency of the hero His Purple Highness to garner work experience. Tragically, Loud Cloud was buried alive by a collapsing building during a battle with a powerful villain named Garvey.

The death of Oboro greatly affected his friends, especially Aizawa, who never properly recovered from his loss. Unbeknownst to most, Shirakumo's corpse was stolen away by the legendary villain All For One who had it altered and reanimated as an intelligent Nomu who swore unquestioning loyalty to him. The Nomu created from Oboro's corpse became known as Kurogiri, a formidable villain who could create portals of mist.

He is voiced by Kensho Ono in the Japanese version of the anime, and by Stephen Sanders in the English version of the anime.



Oboro Shirakumo was a Japanese boy born into a superhuman society where eighty percent of the world's population had superpowers referred to as quirks. In order to ensure that the abuse of said powers would not cause society to crumble, the governments of the world including Japan passed a law that made it illegal to use quirks in public. There was however an exception to this rule—Pro Heroes. Heroes were individuals who protected society from evil-doers known as villains and as such were able to freely use their quirks in pursuit of justice upon obtaining a hero license. Shirakumo was born with a quirk called "Cloud" that allowed him to produce and manipulate clouds.

Oboro was one of many youths that aspired to be a professional hero. At the age of fifteen, Shirakumo managed to secure a place in the hero studies course of U.A. High School, the Japanese educational institution known for possessing the most prestigious hero studies course in the world. As its name implied, a hero studies course was dedicated to cultivating new heroes.

Oboro was placed into Class A where he made quick friends with two of his classmates Hizashi Yamada and Shota Aizawa. Shirakumo grew especially close to Aizawa despite his classmate's introverted personality.

Picking up a stray

A year past and the seventeen year old Shirakumo was in his second year at U.A. High. One rainy day while travelling to school, Oboro discovered a kitten abandoned in a cardboard box that had Aizawa's umbrella sheltering it. Not seeing his friend anywhere, Shirakumo picked up the umbrella and the cat and continued making his way to school. Instead of making his way into the building the usual way, Oboro used his quirk to hover up to the class's window which he opened with a broad smile plastered to his face. He immediately noticed Yamada and Aizawa chatting at the latter's desk and made an insinuating remark about how the former had his arm wrapped around the latter.

His homeroom teacher began chastising Oboro for his poor conduct, although Shirakumo ignored him and asked his classmates for a towel. After giving Shota his umbrella back, Shirakumo began removing his soaked clothing including his underwear in the middle of the class. When his classmates began complaining, Oboro used his quirk to generate a cloud around his private parts. Oboro revealed the kitten he had picked up to his fellow classmates, instantly transforming their glares of irritation into adoration. After showboating the stray, the class began lessons for the day.

Later on in the day, the homeroom teacher reminded the class about the upcoming Hero-Work Studies, where students would temporarily work at Hero Offices to garner experience in relation to the day-to-day life of being a Pro Hero. He purposefully singled out Shirakumo, Aizawa, and Yamada for being the only people in the class who hadn't found someone to work for. Oboro's teacher then changed the topic to their next activity joint practical exercises with Class B.

After changing into their hero costumes and heading outside, Class A and B both began a set of practical tests. First, the two classes faced off against each other in a set of one-on-one fights. Secondly, the classes worked together to simulate rescue operations. Lastly, the classes had to put on performances that showcased their entertainment value, another important aspect of being a Pro. Due to his versatile quirk and outgoing personality, Oboro, whose hero named was "Loud Cloud," excelled at all of the exercises.


Before Shirakumo's body could be cremated, the legendary SS-Rank Villain All For One had his corpse recovered and delivered to Dr. Kyudai Garaki. Garaki, who was a loyal servant of AFO, began modifying the corpse of Oboro using his advanced knowledge of quirks and biology. After several experiments, Kyudai was able to reanimate the corpse of Shirakumo as a Nomu, an artificially-modified corpse completely obedient to its designated master. Although Nomus were usually unintelligent, Oboro maintained a perfect intellect that allowed him to converse with people normally and make rational decisions.

Using the Cloud quirk as a base, the doctor infused multiple quirks into the body of Shirakumo, forging a brand new powerful quirk as a result. The quirk, called "Warp Gate," allowed him to cover himself in a purple-mist which he could use to teleport himself and others. Oboro Shirakumo was reborn as "Kurogiri," the Warp Villain who served All For One with blind loyalty. Over the years, Kurogiri was an accomplice in many of his master's villainous schemes, all the while maintaining no memory of his past identity. That being said Kurogiri held some vestiges of Oboro's personality, such as his nurturing nature. Eventually, All For One entrusted Kurogiri with the protection of his young ward Tomura Shigaraki.

Powers & Abilities


  • Cloud Manipulation: Oboro's quirk, aptly called "Cloud," allowed him to generate clouds that he could move telekinetically. He was able to manipulate several factors relating to the clouds he conjured, including their size and density. In terms of size, Oboro could make them large enough to transport himself or several other people, or small enough so that they could only cover a small area of the human body. In terms of density, Shirakumo could make the clouds light enough so that someone could move their body through them or heavy enough so that they could be touched. The clouds were strong enough to support the weight of several people and could even hold up heavy debris. He could summon several clouds simultaneously. Shirakumo would often use his quirk to fly through the sky at high speeds by conjuring and moving a cloud that was large enough for him to sit on.


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