Moana Water

The Ocean of the South Pacific is an expanse of sea that serves as a supporting character in Disney's 2016 animated feature film Moana. The ocean has a high level of sentience and acts as a sentiment character within the supernatural logic of the film's world. It spends a millennium searching for an individual capable of saving humanity when the world falls victim to a devastating curse, and ultimately chooses a young islander named Moana Waialiki. Over the course of the journey, the ocean becomes one of Moana's most trusted and significant companions.


It is the spirit of the Pacific Ocean, who took a liking in Moana and manifests to help her. Moana was chosen by the Ocean as the one to return the Heart of Te Fiti. It's strongly implied that the ocean "chose" Moana after she abandons going after a pretty shell and instead helps a baby sea turtle get safely to the sea and was touched by her compassion and sense of responsibility.


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