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And you are James Bond. Licensed to kill. Am l to be your target for tonight?
~ Smythe's first encounter with 007.

Octopussy is the titular secondary antagonist turned the anti-heroine deuteragonist of the 1983 James Bond film of the same name Octopussy.

She was portrayed by Swedish actress Maud Adams, who previously portrayed Andrea Anders in The Man with the Golden Gun.


Octopussy was a jewel smuggler and antagonistic towards James Bond, During the first part of the movie she along with Magda, Planned to steal a precious Faberge Egg.

It was not however until she meet personally with Bond that he warned her about the true intentions of Kamal Khan and Orlov, Which She and Magda Agreed to help bond and defeat them for good.


Octopussy is shown to be honorable, talkative and somewhat compassionated, She is also willing to help those in need (Especially Bond), whom she had debt after he help her father to finished his life with honor.


  • Maud Adams has twice played a Bond girl who started out on the villains side and switched over to Bond.
  • Initially, Octopussy acted as the Bigger Bad to Khan, as she was giving orders to Khan from behind the scenes and her face wasn't seen for the first part of the film, but obviously, she switched sides after Khan and Orlov betrayed her.

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