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You! Lack! Humility! And humanity! You are supreme in your power and your pride! The lessons you need so profoundly can never be learned by a god of thunder -- thus I cast you out -- thus shall you shed your godly trappings -- no longer art thou God of Thunder! Thy memory too shall I strip bare! Then go -- for life anew awaits -- on Midgard...
~ Odin.
I had a feeling we'd meet again. The witness. You, Watcher. All these eons staring and watching everything. So sanctimonious in your silence and your judgment. Have you come then at last to witness my greatest failure? Skadi awakens -- I fear the final prophesy is at hand, and there you stand, like a titanic, mute baby too dumb to be of use. Who are you to judge the All-Father? Am I to tremble at your appearance? Have you come to witness the breaking of worlds, then, in your morbid and cruel curiosity? Well? Well?!? Are you here to see a god die?
~ Odin to Uatu the Watcher.
You have gone too far, Loki. This is no game. Soon I shall enter the Odinsleep and Asgard will not have my power to protect it to bring the Frost Giants here to try to usurp your own father! (Loki: You are not my father! Look at you. King of fools, of arrogance, of weakness and betrayal. Asgard will fall and I will be there to laugh in its ruins, to see you and Thor in chains!) Enough! You leave me no choice, Loki. You are hereby banished to the Isle of Silence when no one will have to suffer your lies and deception!
~ Odin trials Loki in Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes

Odin is a fictional character in the Marvel comic book universe. He is the Norse God of the sky, wisdom, time, and the dead, king of Asgard, and the father of Thor Odinson, and adoptive father to Loki Laufeyson. Odin is also the co-leader of the Council of Godheads, and was a member of the Stone Age Avengers.

He was created by the late Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, and the late Jack Kirby.

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he was portrayed by Anthony Hopkins.


Early Life

Based on the god of the same name from Norse mythology, Odin is the son of Bor (father, one of the first Asgardians) and Bestla (mother, a frost giantess). Bor and Bestla also have two other sons, Vili and Ve. He claims to have created humans as he felt the world was lonely. But his father was angry and created things to plague humanity. With the aid of his brothers, a young Odin battles and defeats the fire demon Surtur.

Many millennia later, Odin would reveal the origin of his powers and the eventual fate of his brothers; they were killed by Surtur, but gave their power to Odin. Later Surtur was imprisoned inside the Earth for centuries by Odin after forming an alliance with the trolls. Odin becomes ruler of Asgard, and eventually falls in love with Gaea, in time becoming the father of the Thunder God Thor as he wanted a son who would be strong on both Asgard and Earth.

He creates a cave in Norway for her to give birth in. He notices that Thor's eyes are those of Bor's though, and realizes one day 'the wheel will turn again'. He then returns to Asgard with Thor, and his wife Frigga acts as Thor's mother. Odin is also the adoptive father of Loki, a child of Giant blood whose father king Laufey is killed by Odin in battle.

Odin adopted Loki as part of a deal with his father Bor's spirit so that Bor would stop haunting him for replacing him, unaware that Bor's intention was that the child would bring about his son's downfall. Despite Odin's best intentions, his sons become bitter enemies, with the feuding often requiring Odin's mediation. Odin also was the father of Balder by the way of Frigga; thus, Balder is a half-brother to Thor.

Thor's preoccupation with Midgard (the Asgardian term for Earth) is a constant annoyance for Odin, who as punishment has taken Thor's powers on at least three occasions. Thor's acceptance of the sanctions along with his willingness to atone for his transgressions, not to mention his continued noble intentions and bravery, however, eventually convince the All-Father to relent and thereby restore Thor's original powers and identity, once he saved Asgard by threatening to draw the Odinsword when Seldring stole the Odinforce, as Odin had briefly given it to him to strip Thor of half his power, but Seldring had refused to return it after depowering Thor and planned to rule Asgard.

Powers and Abilities

Odin possessed all the conventional attributes of an Asgardian God. However, as the king of the Asgardians, many of these attributes were significantly superior than those possessed by the majority of his race.

  • Superhuman Strength: In spite of his advanced age, Odin is much stronger than most Asgardians, near the time of his death he could lift 600 tons, where an average Asgardian male can lift just 10 tons. However, at his peak during the time of the Celestials 3rd host on Earth, Odin could lift 750 tons, but in Odin's physical prime, he could lift 900 tons. He's also able to augment his strength to even greater heights by tapping into the Odin Force. With this power, despite being extremely weakened due to his battle with Galactus and thereby forced to go into his "Odinsleep", he was able to stagger the powerful cosmic entity with one powerful headbutt right before going into his Odinsleep (an act which severely injured both foes).
  • Superhuman Agility: Odin's agility, balance, and bodily coordination are far superior to the natural physical limits of the finest human athlete.
  • Superhuman Reflexes: Odin's reflexes are superior to the natural physical limits of the finest human athlete.
  • Superhuman Stamina: Odin's highly advanced musculature produces considerably less fatigue toxins during physical activity than the musculature of a human, and most other Asgardians. As a result, he possesses superhuman stamina in all physical activities. He could exert himself at peak capacity for months before fatigue would begin to impair him.
  • Superhumanly Dense Tissue: Odin's skin, muscle, and bone tissues are much tougher than the average Asgardian, which is about 3 times as dense as those of a human being. This contributes, in part, to Odin's superhuman strength and weight.
  • Superhuman Durability: Odin's body is considerably more resistant to physical injury than the body of a human being, or even most other Asgardians for that matter. Odin's body is capable of withstanding great impact forces, exposure to temperature and pressure extremes, falls from great heights, and powerful energy blasts from cosmic level beings without sustaining grave injuries, however, though to what extent is unknown.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: Like all other Asgardians, it was possible to injure Odin, but he can recover from injury with superhuman levels of speed and efficiency. Odin is capable of regenerating massive tissue damage or loss to a degree far beyond that of most other Asgardians, even of being able to regenerate missing limbs and organs, faster and with much more efficiency. Odin's healing powers are far superior to all other Asgardians.
  • Extended Longevity: Odin, like all Asgardians, was extremely long-lived, although not truly immortal like Olympians. However, Odin still ages at a pace much slower than human beings. He was also immune to all known Earthly diseases and infections.

Odin Force

Odin has access to a force known as the Odin force. This lets him manipulate vast cosmic energy power. This power grants him spectacular feats, For example he has been shown to read minds from across dimensions, create force field barriers that are nearly impossible to get through, alter his size, Force blasts strong enough to one shot silver surfer. The Odin force grants him the power to enchant items like Mjolnir.

Odin is highly talented and practiced with this Odin force; He has been able to bring back people from the dead, fight Thanos and even Galactus. At his peak strength with the Odin force, he was able to attack Galactus (a hungry Galactus) and make him unconscious for a short time before entering the Odin sleep to replenish his energy. The Odin force also grants him the power to give immortality. Odin has shown to be able to create and destroy a galaxy, teleport Asgard to Earth, project energy blasts powerful enough to demolish worlds, make a world collapse on an enemy flying to him from space, stop time and space, and much more.

In battle, Odin often carries the magical spear Gungnir ("The Spear of Heaven"), an artifact made of the mystical metal uru, that he uses to channel his personal energies, though possessing no abilities of its own; and the power scepter Thrudstok, a small mace. Odin also bears Draupnir (the "Odinring") as a symbol of supremacy, though its specific properties are as of yet unknown. He can manipulate energy for various effects, including projection of concussive force, creation of force shields, levitation, molecular manipulation of matter, matter-energy conversion, illusion-casting, and inter-dimensional teleportation. Odin, however, is not totally self-sufficient. Odin commands the life energies of the entire Asgardian race, and can absorb any and all of their life energies into his person at will, even to the point of restoring life to a dying Asgardian. While possessing power that is inherent opposed to the need for outward sustenance Odin must once a year undertake the Sleep of Life, also known as the Odinsleep - a state of deep sleep lasting for one 24-hour day to keep his powers from waning. During this time Odin is guarded closely as he is vulnerable.


Odin is highly resistant to nearly all forms of superhuman levels of attack. If injured, the nearly limitless mystical power of the Odin Force which flows through his veins will fix the damage instantly. He has been shown to not be affected by attacks from Silver Surfer for example, demonstrating his durability. He can withstand powerful energy attacks from cosmic-level entities unphased, though to what extent is unknown.


Odin can teleport himself and others to any location he desires, even to alternate dimensions, he proved capable of teleporting Asgard over New York City just to show how powerful he was(and that he was capable of dimensional transportation).

Energy Manipulation

Odin can manipulate all forms of energy(light, heat, etc.) for a variety of affects. He has proven capable of manipulating mystical energies as well.

Time Manipulation

Odin has proven capable of being able to stop time itself, reverse time, and even create time bubbles of which prevent outside interference.

Matter Manipulation

Odin feats include transmuting the elements themselves, creating new worlds out of nothing, rekindling dead stars(such as turning a dying red sun into a vibrant blue star), effortlessly destroying entire galaxies, and even repairing damage that had occurred to large portions of the universe.

Barriers/Force Fields

Odin has created force fields that are completely impenetrable and can shield entire cities from nuclear blasts without cracking.


Other abilities include reading minds across dimensions, mastering countless powerful spells(mainly Asgardian in nature). An example of this is how Odin put the worthiness enchantment on mjolnir. The enchantment is so powerful that it will always remain on mjolnir(even if Odin dies), and can only be removed by Odin's will or by a being of superior power.

Superhuman strength/speed

Odin is one of the oldest Asgardians, despite this he has been shown to lift over 60 tons (the average is 30 tons for a male), His highest feat in old age during the time of the celestials 3rd host on earth he was shown to be able to lift 75-90 Tons. But he could also lift heavier with his powers but these are just his natural strength feats. He has also been shown to be able to move faster than earths best human athletes.

Superhuman Stamina

Odin was able to battle against an army of his brother, Cul's gods for forty days and forty nights without tiring.

Agility and reflexes

Odin has been shown to have better agility than human athletes, his reflexes also rival Thor (This could be down to the Odin force)


To sustain his Odin force he has to Odinsleep once a year. This is when he deep sleeps for up to or over a week and becomes mortal in this time, so he is very vulnerable. He has claimed that “love” is a weakness for him; he has been blinded by it and not made the correct choices before.


To Hel... to Hel with you star-spawned bastards!
~ Odin to the Celestials.
Hush now, o man...Be still and fear not. For, when next you meet thy nemesis upon the field of battle......Asgard stands with thee!
~ Odin to Mr. Fantastic.
The Serpent is malevolence given form; he is terror given shape. ... His avatars carry with them weapons more mighty than any found on Earth. And they are driven by dire purposes we cannot fathom beyond the most simple: Spread fear! Spread terror! The Serpent has no interest in war -- his strategy is slaughter. And slaughter he shall. Again and again. And the minds of men will warp and break. Their very faiths will shatter...and their icons will fall.
~ Odin on his brother.
When you find Loki, I am asking you to do what Thor would never be strong enough to do. What I am too weak and tender-hearted to ever do myself. I need you, Black Panther... to kill my son.
~ Odin tasking T'Challa to kill Loki.
Again your forbidden love for that mortal female has caused you to shirk your duty!! This time there is no forgiveness in my heart! This time I order you banished from Asgard!
~ Odin banishes Thor due his relationship with Jane Foster.



  • Odin has many animals as pets or for transportation, such as the ravens Munin and Hugin, wolves Freki and Geri, and his steed Sleipnir.

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